Featured Artist: Charles Baldwin Jr

Cheetah Stand is here to support the community of creatives.

"Cheetahs On the Go" is an expression we have used internally for our creatives. We know that you're pushing the limits of art with maximum speed. We never settle and stand still. We are proud of our community that continually impresses us with your artwork! So engage with us on Instagram, Facebook and by Email, share with us your and you might see it here on our front page!

Current artist feature by Charles Baldwin Jr.

Charles has been tagging our Cheetah Stand Instagram and we took notice due to his classic and elegant portraits he has been taking. It's always awesome to see classic portraits that will stand the test of time. Bonus that he's in Houston, TX so we get to support a local too!

Please check out more of him on his Instagram and his Website.

"For Chance Cessna's photo, I used the Cheetah Stand Window 32x48 softbox to the left of the model with a Sigma 135 1.8 photographed at 1/400th at ISO100.

There was a little light beaming off the back pillar which was used as a backfill, since we only used one light source. Our goal was to give the model a “spotlight on stage” effect, as she used them images to run for Miss Illinois! :)

For Kevin Carmouche's Hero Image, we wanted to use the “wrap technique” with the lighting for this player, as the sun was beginning to set, and we would be able to the strobes to pop really well and bring out the uniform and helmet/visor colors. We went with a little faster shutter than normal, as we aimed for a “moody” look. You can see the catch lights on the football as well, which was by design (notice the window light on the left and the Cheetah Stand QPB-36 on the right).

The settings for him was also a Sigma 135 and 1/640 SS at ISO100."

Please visit his page if you have the chance to!

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