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Cheetah Stand C12 Light Stand - 12ft Light Stand

Cheetah Stand C12 Light Stand - 12ft Light Stand

Giá thông thường $150.00 USD
Giá thông thường Giá bán $150.00 USD
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The original Cheetah Stand C12 light stand with innovative auto deploying legs feature help you swiftly move your lighting from one spot to another. Heavy duty. Quick. Nimble. Made for the creator on the go.

We've all been there. You're taking photos in one spot, when you need to move your lights across the room quickly to capture a live moment. Then comes the hassle of having to manually close your light stand legs or suffer bruises on your own legs by trying to rush because you have to snap that candid shot. Or worse, you knock over something while trying to be a light stand ninja. With the Cheetah Stand auto collapsing leg feature, you won't have to worry about any of that and move quickly from one spot to another. Want to move your light? Just lift it and the legs close. It's that easy.

The Cheetah Stand C12 light stand maximum height is 12 feet and stores at 43 inches. It supports up to 12 pounds. Ideal for most strobes, monolights or LEDs with modifiers. Designed to be used on flat surfaces for best results.

If you need maximum agility please check out the Cheetah Stand C8 Light Stand or a perfect in between stand, the Cheetah Stand C10 Light Stand is a big favorite among many creatives!

Closed Length: 43"
Minimum Height: 45"
Maximum Height: 141"
Footprint: 42"
Weight: 7 lb
Max weight support: 21 lb

1 - C12 light stand

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Customer Reviews

Based on 60 reviews
Everardo Martinez
exelente producto

yo los eh usado por mucho tiempo pero estos que acabo de adquirir los seguros están mejorados ,los recomiendo 100%

Lior Elkayam
Love the stand

Alwayes great service

ALY Kuler Photography Studio

As a wedding photographer, these stands works BEST with me. I move a lot during the portrait sessions and I love how easy they collapse when I can pick them up and move around without tripping over the legs. I had different stand brands in the past and they were always get stuck with the inside air or when trying to pick them up to walk through.

Rick H.
Cheetah Stand c12

Very sturdy and works smoothly.

Kevin Deal
Excellent Quality

Super robust and met / exceeded my expectations. Very convenient to have on set.