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Cheetah Stand

C8 Light Stand Stand Collar Replacement

C8 Light Stand Stand Collar Replacement

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At Cheetahstand, we understand how much abuse our creators put on our auto-collapsing Cheetahstand C8 lightstands out in the field.  We get it, we're photographers and videographers that care about capturing the moment and lighting first.  And as much abuse as they can handle, our equpiment, like any equpiment will need some maintenance from time to time.

Here at Cheetahstand, we want to put you back in service as quickly as possible.  And sometimes it's more conveient to order Cheetahstand C8 repair parts than to replace the lightstand or sending it to us to repair before getting your Cheetahstand C8 Lightstand back.

Symptoms of Failing Cheetahstand C8 Collar:  If you can no longer tighten the thumbscrews to prevent your lightstand from slipping down with any strobe or weight on top, these replacement C8 collars will resolve your issues.  

This single C8 lightstand collars will replace your tired C8 lightstand collars to bring their clamping ability back to brand new.  It will includes a new collar knob, hex screw, and washers.  If you'd prefer to purchase a set, please check out:   Cheetahstand C8 Collar 

As always, if you have any questions on how your lightstand is performing, please give us an email or a call.  We're happy to help.


3 C8 Collar
3 Hex Screw
3 Thumb Knob

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Customer Reviews

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John Nader
Top Collar

It seems as though the collars have changed since it doesn’t match what was previously on my stand. At times it’s difficult to determine if it’s the collar or the knob-hex-screw-washer that needs to be replaced.