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Repair Godox AD200 / AD200PR0 - Drop / Water Damage Or E1-E9 Errors

Repair Godox AD200 / AD200PR0 - Drop / Water Damage Or E1-E9 Errors

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You're a working photographer and you've depended on your trust Godox AD200 and Adorama's eVOLV 200 and suddenly you get E0, E1, or E3 errrors and it stops firing. 

E0, E1 or E3 Error
Smoking Board or Non-Responsive
Dropped in Water (Will Require Screen AD200 Screen Replacement)

You'll have 2 choices - purchase a new strobe to replace or thankfully, send the AD200 or eVOLV200 to us and we'll replace the main board for you to get you back into shooting as soon as possible.

One thing to note, this repair does not correct mis-alignment of your outside AD200 body, or repair the back screen and the controls on the back of your Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro if it is cracked.  If your strobe still works, this fix is not for you.  This repair does not include any other body parts.  

Please see the following links that might better suit your repairs:  https://cheetahstand.com/products/repair-ad200pro-damaged-outer-shell-no-issues-with-the-functioning-of-the-flash
  or https://cheetahstand.com/products/repair-ad200-or-ad200pro-broken-lcd-and-or-broken-control-switches

If you have any questions about which repair to select for your Godox or Adorama's Flashpoint AD200 or AD200 Pro, please feel free to contact us so that we can help make sure you have working strobes again!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Kimmons
Perfect job

They took my busted ad200 and replaced the back screen and housing. Works like new.


Best place to repair your Godox equipment! 👍🏻
And they are really fast too!

Marion Roper

Thanks for the fast turnaround. Works like new.


They did a good job. Fast turn around. I am back to shooting.

Huie Dinwiddie
Works as expected

Fast turnaround and works. Very happy!