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BirdCage for Cheetah Focusing System MKII

BirdCage for Cheetah Focusing System MKII

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BirdCage for Cheetah Focusing System MKII

The birdcage allows you to use lights from different manufacturers with your Cheetah Focusing System MKII.   Please select the birdcage with the mount that fits your lights.  They're designed for Profotos, Elinchrome, Alienbees and any Bowen mount systems.

What is the Cheetah Focusing System MKII?  The Cheetah Focusing System MKII allows you fine control over your light and how it will soften or define the light output by allowing infinite control over the position of your light within the softbox.  This is a fun and exciting tool for the creative that wants maximum control over their lights.  This was created specfically for our Easy Open Softboxes.  

The clamp that attaches the BirdCage to the Focusing System is included.


*Bowen: for Bowen Light, Godox AD600, AD600 Pro, Cheetah Light CL-600X, Cheetah Speed Pro S bracket, Cheetah Speed Pro Bracket MKII or any light with standard Bowen type S mount.



*Einstein, AlienBees: 
For AlienBees, White Lightning, Einstein and Balcar strobes.  This speedring insert will be silver or black. The light quality is the same either way.

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Lisa Jones Photography
Quick Delivery

I have ordered several items recently from Cheetah Stand and was surprised at how quickly my orders arrived. So far I have been more than pleased with all of my purchases!

Sinbad Kazakian
Great Seller!!!


CheetahStand BirdCage for Chopsticks

The Birdcage inverse mount is a very nice and needed tool this is a great and affordable solution for focusing light for the RiceBowl series. The RB 90 is one of the best beauty sources available now and the Chopstick with the Birdcage has enhanced its offering to Artist.

While this is a great tool, I do have some suggestions for improvement. The Birdcage seems to be built to be affordable but seems a little fragile as a metal. When I say this, the metal seems to be a composite and just doesn't feel strong enough to last a lifetime. I wish the price was higher to allow the manufacturer to make the Birdcage stronger. I would buy a backup and the price is right for doing so.

Also, the mounting lock should come with each birdcage standard like it does when you buy a Chopstick system. Add the price to the product to cover this cost and make it clear enough on the site.