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Chopstick Reflective Focusing System MKII

Chopstick Reflective Focusing System MKII

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Take your creativity to the next level. The Cheetah Chopstick is a light focusing system that will allow you to use one softbox to produce hard, focused light or soft, evenly spread light or anything in between.

You can move your light forward and back with the Chopstick to change the focus of the light while also adjusting the contrast and specularity of the resulting light output. Use the light "bare bulb" to get the most spread from the light, regardless of the position of the light inside the box. The design of the chopstick places the light facing inward directly at the center of the softbox. This produces a symmetrical light output based on the shape of the softbox.

  • Mounting arm with "easy-twist" knob making adjusting the light at varying position within the modifier a snap.
  • Adjustment knob located on the back of the soft box, making it easy to adjust light without opening the box.
  • Hook at the end of the mounting arm to attach a sandbag for more stability. Sandbag is not included.
  • Sturdy aluminum construction.
Do not support more than 8lb light when fully extended.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Chopstick system has two mounts. The first mount is where the softbox attaches. This a female Bowen mount. This cannot be changed. All softboxes that are to be mounted to the Chopstick must have a Bowen mount. The second mount is where the light attaches to the Chopstick. There are four options for this mount - Bowen, Balcar (Paul C Buff), Elinchrom and Profoto. When you are choosing the Speed Ring option when ordering the Chopstick, this second mount - the one where the light attaches - is the one you are choosing. This is extremely important, do not order the Chopstick and expect to mount a softbox to it that does not have a Bowen mount - it will not work.

NOTE: This item works with most softboxes with a Bowen mount. The inside of the softbox must be completely open. There cannot be any obstructions that would come in contact with the rod or the cage that hold the flash. See example photos showing the Chopstick being used with the Godox P90H and Godox P120L softboxes.

If you want to use your Chopstick with different brands of lights, you can order separate Birdcages to hold other lights. 

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