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Cheetah Stand C8 Light Stand

Cheetah Stand C8 Light Stand

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The original Cheetah Stand C8 light stand with innovative auto collapsing legs feature help you swiftly move your lighting from one spot to another. Compact. Quick. Nimble. Made for the creator on the go.

We've all been there. You're taking photos in one spot, when you need to move your lights across the room quickly to capture a live moment. Then comes the hassle of having to manually close your light stand legs or suffer bruises on your own legs by trying to rush because you have to snap that candid shot. Or worse, you knock over something while trying to be a light stand ninja. With the Cheetah Stand auto collapsing leg feature, you won't have to worry about any of that and move quickly from one spot to another. Want to move your light? Just lift it and the legs close. It's that easy.

The Cheetah Stand C8 Light Stand maximum height is 8 feet and stores at 28.5 inches. It supports up to 6 pounds. Ideal for portable shoe-mounted flash units, small monolights or LEDs. Designed for flat surfaces for best results.

If you need a stand that can go up to 10ft or even 12 feet, please consider the Cheetah Stand C10 Light Stand or Cheetah Stand C12 Light Stand  

Closed Length: 28.5"
Minimum Height: 29"
Maximum Height: 96"
Footprint: 32"
Weight: 3.2 lb
Max Weight Support: 6 lb

1 - C8 light stand

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Customer Reviews

Based on 176 reviews
A Mao

I've owned one for years and use it for event photography because I need to move around constantly and this saves me from having to bend over to close the legs or worry about hitting someone each time. Now I got one for my assistant because she keeps taking mine!

Hannah B.
Interesting, disappointing experience compared to others...

So, maybe I'm just crazy but I purchased three of these stands in 2021 because of the great reviews and after 30 weddings that year, they were falling apart. Pieces missing, legs wouldn't retract easily, missing knobs to tighten the height, etc. Granted, I'll admit I'm not easy on stands but I used $25 cowboy studio stands from 2015-2021 and aside from the springs loosening, they were in pretty great shape and still usable. I upgraded for the retractable legs. These Cheetah stands didn't last me a year and after two years, only one is usable now. For a studio? They'd be great. For a wedding photographer who shoots off camera flash outside and where they are constantly being moved around, moved in and out of cars, knocked over by guests and wind...I'd say get something sturdier (and cheaper). It wasn't worth the price for me.

Rick Johnson

These are lightweight but durable and of course the way the legs fold out by floor contact is the best. It also makes moving them much easier as the legs collapse when lifted making moving around much easier

Paul Kuroda
Best stand ever

A quality stand. Self folding is the only way to go.

Derek Preciado

Best stand I have ever owned!