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Alpha-110 and Delta-80 5-in-1 Handheld Reflectors Combo

Alpha-110 and Delta-80 5-in-1 Handheld Reflectors Combo

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It's like getting 10 reflectors in one package!

The Cheetah Alpha 110 is a 110cm (44") 5-in-1 round handheld reflector.
The Cheetah Delta 80 is an 80cm/31.5" 5-in-1 triangular handheld reflector.

The round shape of the Alpha-110 makes it easy to hold and provides a symmetrical fill to your subject. The built in handles allow comfortable one or two-handed use. The triangular shape of the Delta-80 makes this reflector easy to control because it is more rigid than other shape reflectors.

Both provide the benefits of 5 different reflector styles in one easy to use package. Built into the handles of both reflectors is a standard 1/4"-20 threaded hole for use with light stand swivel mounts. Both reflectors fold down into the included carrying pouch for easy transport.

The Gold/Silver side of the reflector is unique. We call it Wave Gold. Many other reflectors have a gold reflector. This has a tendency to produce a very orange glow on the subject - often too orange. Our Wave Gold is a mix of gold and silver. This produces a pleasant warm reflection without too much orange. Having the silver mixed in maintains the "punch" of the reflected light. We believe this is much more useful than a solid Gold reflector.

The five colors included are:
  1. Translucent: Put this between harsh lighting and your subject to soften it.
  2. White: Standard color for reflectors, great for providing soft clean fill light.
  3. Silver: Provides a stronger harder light than the white side.
  4. Gold/Silver (Wave Gold): The gold/silver wave pattern provides just enough warmth to enhance your subject without giving them an unnatural golden hue that can happen with traditional solid gold reflectors.
  5. Black: Use as a spill-kill or to block direct light from your subject.

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