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Quick Series Speed Ring Insert (6"-152mm)

Quick Series Speed Ring Insert (6"-152mm)

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All Speed Ring Options
SpeedRing insert 152mm for the Cheetah Quick Series Modifier.

These speedring inserts have a 152mm (6") outer diameter. These inserts will fit Cheetah Quick Rice Bowl, Quick Soup Bowl, Quick Lantern, Quick Rectangular, and Quick Stripbox as well as the Quick Silver Series - Quick Silver Octabox and Quick Silver Beauty Dishes. They will also fit other manufacturers softboxes with removable inserts as long as they have a 152mm (6") diameter fitting.

Bowen: Work with Aputure LED light ....Fits lights and accessories fitted with a Bowen S-Mount. Godox AD-B2 (Not the same as a Low Profile Bowens - see below)

Low Profile Bowen: This insert is designed specifically for the Godox AD-600B, AD600BM, AD600Pro and AD400Pro (also sold as the Cheetah CL-600X, Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS, XPLOR 600 HSS TLL, XPLOR 600Pro, XPLOR 400 Pro). Important: Do not order this mount for the Godox AD-B2 Dual Flash Adapter for the AD200, it will not fit. For the AD-B2, select the standard Bowen mount. It is not recommended for other Bowen mount lights because the low-profile design may cause the flange on the insert to contact the frame of the light before it is fully installed into the light. It could become jammed.

Einstein, AB, Balcar: Fit lights and accessories with a Balcar mount, which includes all lights produced by Paul C. Buff, Inc.
Elinchrom: Fit lights and accessories with an Elinchrom-style mount.
Photogenics: Fit lights and accessories with a Photogenics-style mount.
Profoto Screw Type: Fits lights and accessories with a Profoto-style mount. This insert has a thumbscrew that is used to tighten the insert around the light.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
James M
Quick shipment and great service

I needed a new mounting ring as I switched from Buff to Godox, they answered my questions fast and got me what I needed

Glenwood Jackson

Service was great! Helped get me the right equipment.

Janet Ciummei
Great Customer Service

Great customer service! I received assistance from both Edward and Ruben. Thank you for all of your help.
The products ordered came in a timely manner and work great!

Tim J
Its a mounting ring

Mounting ring that will allow me to swap out the low profile ring if needed. Another tool in the box.

Rudy Pulliam
Well made. snaps in place easily

Well made product, fast service, good transaction.