Workshops and Conferences

Education is key to growth as a creator and here at Cheetah Stand we wanted to help you find the best workshops, conferences, and other learning tools to advance your knowledge, creativity, and business to the next level. We have curated a list of upcoming events from trusted Master Creators, communities, and brands so you can find the best event to fit your busy schedule.

Protip: Talk to your tax professional about how these can qualify as business tax deductions! 

Upcoming Events

Date (mm/dd/yy) Location Info
01/28/24 - 01/30/24 Louisville, KY, USA Imaging USA *
02/22/24 - 02/25/24 Orlando, FL, USA SYNC
02/22/24 - 02/25/24 Honolulu, HI, USA PhotoCon Hawaii
02/24/24 - 02/25/24 Troy, MI, USA Photomax 2024
03/03/24 - 03/07/24 Las Vegas, NV, USA WPPI Conference *
04/02/24 - 04/05/24 St Louis, MO, USA Shutterfest *
06/23/24 - 06/25/24 Stoneleigh, UK Click Live Expo *

* indicates Cheetah Stand will be onsite