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Cheetah Stand 65" Pebble Silver Deep Umbrella

Cheetah Stand 65" Pebble Silver Deep Umbrella

정가 $95.00 USD
정가 $105.00 USD 할인가 $95.00 USD
할인 품절
The DP65 Pebble Silver Parabolic Umbrella offers maximum light reflection at a bargain price. The pebble silver interior is preferred over a smooth silver because it produces a more diffuse light, minimizing hot spots and providing softer light.
The frame is constructed using a fiberglass composite offering for strength and durability over standard steel or aluminum frames. The custom designed center shaft has been engineered to be two times the thickness of a normal umbrella shaft for added strength. The shaft features a 7mm tapered tip allowing for insertion into a variety of photographic lights. The patented locking mechanism ensures the umbrella stays securely open, but is easy to release with the push of a button.

A Cheetahstand exclusive feature is the Pebble Silver Material that distributes the light for better and more even lighting! 

This umbrella is the perfect solution when you need a broad, soft light that is easy to setup. The parabolic shape optimizes the spread of the light making lighting your subject a snap. The choice of using it with or without a diffuser gives you flexibility in setting up your light.

For even more control of your light, consider adding the exclusive
Cheetah Stand Hubcap 140 Degree Wide Angle Reflector.

1- Umbrella
1- pouch

Please Note: Umbrella only. Flip over diffuser is not included.
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