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Barndoor with Grid and 4 Magnetic Gels

Barndoor with Grid and 4 Magnetic Gels

정가 $45.00 USD
정가 할인가 $45.00 USD
할인 품절

Cheetah Stand barn doors provide the ultimate control over how you want your lights to look.  Coming from the cinematography world, the barn doors help you either block or feather your lights as needed.  Even better, they come with colored gels with magnets to give you an even more creative option.  Finally, the included grid will help control the light flare.

It will include the Barn Doors, magnetic Blue, Yellow, Red and Clear Gel and Grid.

For use with Cheetah Stand 7" reflector only.
(Does not work with 7.5" Profoto Zoom reflector)

1 - Barn door
1 - 40 degree grid
1 - Set of 4 color gels (translucent, blue, yellow, red)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great Barn door

Very nice barn door setup, easy to use and well thought out in design. I like how gels have magnet and built in clips to hold them in place.

Barn doors - something to get excited about

I contacted Cheetah Stand with a question about an upcoming shoot. Edward responded and wanted to know when he could call. I get call on Sunday afternoon and it’s Edward. We talked about my upcoming shoot and he walks through how he would approach it. I ended up buying two sets of the barn door kits. Very nice, good quality. Gotta love the interest that Edward and his team has in their customers.

michael walker
Great light modifier, great price!

i purchased these barn doors for my flexflash strobes and they fit perfectly. i like the magnetic gels and the grid helps to focus the light on your subject without light spillage. well made, quality product!