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Cheetah Stand C8 Light Stand - 2 Pack with Carry Bag

Cheetah Stand C8 Light Stand - 2 Pack with Carry Bag

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The original Cheetah Stand C8 light stand with innovative auto deploying legs feature help you swiftly move your lighting from one spot to another. Compact. Quick. Nimble. Made for the creator on the go.

We've all been there. You're taking photos in one spot, when you need to move your lights across the room quickly to capture a live moment. Then comes the hassle of having to manually close your light stand legs or suffer bruises on your own legs by trying to rush because you have to snap that candid shot. Or worse, you knock over something while trying to be a light stand ninja. With the Cheetah Stand auto collapsing leg feature, you won't have to worry about any of that and move quickly from one spot to another. Want to move your light? Just lift it and the legs close. It's that easy.

The Cheetah Stand C8 light stand maximum height is 8 feet and stores at 28.5 inches. It supports up to 6 pounds. Ideal for portable shoe-mounted flash units, small monolights or LEDs. Designed for flat surfaces for best results.

Closed Length: 28.5"
Minimum Height: 29"
Maximum Height: 96"
Footprint: 32"
Weight: 3.2 lb
Max Weight Support: 6 lb


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Customer Reviews

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Kiati Plooksawasdi
Versatile on the go kit

I love this 2 C8 light stand kit with carry bag! It is perfect for senior sessions and dance portrait sessions where you have multiple locations and need to move quickly. Often times I am chasing the light at golden hour and need something that is not so bulky. The automatic collapsible stands are perfect for this! The kit is compact and easy to carry and when you need it, just open up the bag and the stands are ready to go! I can also fit my shoot through umbrellas in the bag as well so I don’t have to carry a lot of different bags or pull a wagon for these sessions.

Dan Tomasoski
Should have gotten the C10

I have a I have been using the Cheetah Stands for a few years and before that the Original RedWing instant Deploy stands and been very happy with them

I added a couple extra lights to my set up and wanted a couple smaller ones to finish the set and looking for a little lighter weight so I tried the C8’s and while they may be ok for indoors on a flat surface we mainly use them outdoors and the C1’ work great but the C8 is just to small of a footprint to be stable

Im concerned they will tip over

Had to catch the lights a couple times already

I wish I could have demoed them before

Its the byproduct of living in a small town

Hi Dan!

Sorry to hear your lack of excitement over the C8 stands. We understand your concern about the footprint size and that's why we conveniently have the specs listed on the product page. We definitely want you to be happy with your purchase and you are still within your return window. If you would like to exchange them for our C10 set, just let us know! We hope that we can resolve this so we don't make those poor C8' the fanciest hat racks ever! Thanks for supporting Cheetah Stand!

Charles & David

A Mao
Sturdy bag

Great stands that are very quick to move around and high quality build. The bag is super high quality, thick materials, very roomy. Perfect setup for event photographers like me.

Bonita Allen
Cheetah Stand C8 - 2 Pack with Carry Bag

This is a Christmas present for our son. This is what he wanted

Great Products

These stands are strong, light and make any photo location job easy!!!