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Repair Godox AD200/AD200Pro: Damaged outer shell

Repair Godox AD200/AD200Pro: Damaged outer shell

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Have you dropped your Godox AD200/AD200 Pro or Flashpoint eVOLV Branded AD200 and the body is warped or cracked?  If the strobe still fires but the body is mis-aligned or the body shell itself is cracked or broken, this repair will be perfect for you.    

One thing to note, if the strobe no longer works or if the screen is cracked, this repair is not the correct repair for you.  This repair does not include any electronics.  Please see the following links that might better suit your repairs:  https://cheetahstand.com/products/repair-ad200-or-ad200pro-broken-lcd-and-or-broken-control-switches  or https://cheetahstand.com/products/repair-ad200-or-ad200pro-e1-or-e3-error

If you have any questions about which repair to select for your Godox or Adorama's Flashpoint AD200 or AD200 Pro, please feel free to contact us so that we can help make sure you have working strobes again!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Mike W
Great repair!!

My AD200 dropped from about 10 feet and the front portion of it cracked. Cheetah Stand did a great job repairing it. Communication could've been a little better, but other than that, I have no complaints.

Clarence Conner
Like new!!!

I’ve been operating with a broken shell and screen on my AD200 for years and was considering buying a new one. Gave Cheeta Stand a try and it came back good as new! No more guessing which channel it is on and I look more professional on shoots! Thanks!

Marco Mendez
AD 200 Flashpoint

It was fixed!!.. Thabks,....

Steve Donisch
Great Service!!! confusing ordering process

This was a fast service. This flash unit spent more time in transit than in the shop. A good value. the one sticky point is the process that one has to go through to order the service. I was confused with the instructions.
Repair Process:

Agree to the Terms and Conditions above. (where is the checkbox)
Not all products or problems can be repaired.
Find the one (below) that best fits your issues.
You will (pay for the repair) for that Service and (will receive ) an order number attached (by email).
Please do not send in your flash yet!
We will call you and do an assessment by phone (Never got a call), email or video chat to isolate the problem and determine if the repair is possible or correct.
After consultation, we'll confirm that you can send the product to us.

We will also tell you (in an email) which accessories need to be included in order to complete the repairs.
Please do not ship any other items because we cannot guarantee that unnecessary items will be returned to you.
You are responsible for ensuring that we receive the equipment, please ship via a method that provides a tracking number and preferably insurance as well.
We are not responsible for lost equipment in transit to and from.
Keep the tracking number for your records
Send in the repair with a print out inside the box with the order number and return address. Items must be postmarked within 14-days of the paid invoice date.

Added a few words that will make it more understandable for those of us that did not devise the the repair process.

Jeff Goldberg
Fast, well done and reasonably priced

My AD200 hit the rocks and cracked apart. Cheetah fixed it up and back to working fast, well done and price was very reasonable.