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Gamma-150 with Reflector Holder Arm

Gamma-150 with Reflector Holder Arm

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Gamma-150 Reflector
The Cheetah Gamma 150 is a 100cm x 150cm (40" x 60") rectangular handheld reflector that provides the benefits of 5 different reflector styles in one easy to use package. The rectangular shape makes this reflector easy to hold and can be used in "landscape" or "portrait" orientation, depending on need. The built in handles allow for comfortable one or two-handed use. Built into the handles is a standard 1/4"-20 threaded hole for use with light stand swivel mounts. The Gamma 150 folds down into the included carrying pouch for easy transport.

The Gold/Silver side of the reflector is unique. We call it Wave Gold. Many other reflectors have a gold reflector. This has a tendency to produce a very orange glow on the subject - often too orange. Our Wave Gold is a mix of gold and silver. This produces a pleasant warm reflection without too much orange. Having the silver mixed in maintains the "punch" of the reflected light. We believe this is much more useful than a solid Gold reflector.

The five colors are:
  1. Translucent: Put this between harsh lighting and your subject to soften it.
  2. White: Standard color for reflectors, great for providing soft clean fill light.
  3. Silver: Provides a stronger harder light than the white side.
  4. Gold/Silver (Wave Gold): The gold/silver wave pattern provides just enough warmth to enhance your subject without giving them an unnatural golden hue that can happen with traditional solid gold reflectors.
Reflector Holder Arm
The center reflector arm holding arm is optimal for using a reflector either outdoors or in your studio location. With it's ability to let you slide the arm to center it over your stand, even a light-weight stand can handle the center holding arm. The ball joint connection allows a full range of angle flexibility, while it's wide grip allows you to use several reflector sizes successfully on this arm. This versatile unit allows you to get what you need done with a minimum of hassle. A perfect solution for you and your studio!

Arm can extend out from 2'1" up to 4'1" to accommodate various reflector sizes.
Ball head adjustment allows for good flexibility for reflection angle.
Tilts, rotates, and extends
Easily mounted on any standard light stand
Adjustable along point of balance, allowing for item to comfortably rest on even light weight stands.

Product Included
One (1) Gamma-150 Reflector
One (1) Reflector Holder Arm
NOTE: Stand not included

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Customer Reviews

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Stephanie Taylor
CheetahStand Reflector and Stand

I’m a huge fan of CheetahStand and I’m thankful I saw someone post about this company on a photography Facebook group I am in. Their products are of quality material, well made, and easy to use. I’ve purchased several items from them and their reflector arm and Gamma 150 didn’t disappoint. I’m using it primarily for headshots bouncing light from my key light.

J. Alan
A sizable 5-1 do-all reflector for portraits!

Big enough for a background headshots, outside shade, translucent scrim or full length reflector with a light stand positioning arm, if shooting portraits or Seniors alone! Pro quality and features!
The large rectangle reflector rolls up for easy transport and has 2-handles (with 1/4x20) for easy connections to light stands!