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Cheetah Stand C10 Light Stand - 10ft Light Stand

Cheetah Stand C10 Light Stand - 10ft Light Stand

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The original Cheetah Stand C10 light stands with innovative auto collapsing legs feature help you swiftly move your lighting from one spot to another. Light. Quick. Nimble. Made for the creator on the go.

We've all been there. You're taking photos in one spot, when you need to move your lights across the room quickly to capture a live moment. Then comes the hassle of having to manually close your light stand legs or suffer bruises on your own legs by trying to rush because you have to snap that candid shot. Or worse, you knock over something while trying to be a light stand ninja. With the Cheetah Stand auto collapsing leg feature, you won't have to worry about any of that and move quickly from one spot to another. Want to move your light? Just lift it and the legs close. It's that easy.

The Cheetah Stand C10 light stands maximum height is 10 feet and stores at 35.5 inches. It supports up to 8 pounds. Ideal for portable shoe-mounted flash units, small monolights or LEDs with small light modifiers. Designed to be used on flat surfaces for best results.

For a smaller light stand, please consider the Cheetah Stand C8 Light Stands for maximum agility or the robust and secure Cheetah Stand C12 Light Stands for maximum performance. 

Closed Length: 35.5"

Minimum Height: 36"
Maximum Height: 120"
Footprint: 38"
Weight: 4.3 lb
Max Weight Support: 8 lb

1 - C10 light stand

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Wes in Chicago
The Best Stand Could be Better

This stand is already the best stand for wedding photographers running and gunning on the fly. The quick legs make it a one handed operation to move about. To me the 10’ is the perfect balance of height and weight to carry around at a wedding. The 12’ pack down quite long and get quite a bit heavier. The only improvement would be cushioned collapse and heavier duty knobs. I wear out a couple a year it seems like. Fortunately they are available here in store for replacement.

joes rabelis pilier morales
C10 Stand.

very good for flat surface, very unsafe for working on the beach.

You must make sure that the surface in the sand is flat.

Martin Villarreal
Solid Stands!

Can be a little loud, so maybe don't move around too much inside the church while the ceremony is going on, but so fast and easy. I love the cheetah stands. I first saw them at Wppi a few years ago and finally pulled the trigger. I can't believe I waited so long. looking to get 2 more stands soon!

Sondra Miltenberger
Cheetah Stands are the BEST!!

Absolutely love the C10 stand! I feel like it's there perfect size and an absolute must for wedding receptions!

Susan Willis
C10 Cheetah Stand

The C10 is a great stand. It's lightweight enough to easily carry and super sturdy. The collapsible legs make moving and repositioning a breeze. I highly recommend.