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48" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox with Focusing System

48" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox with Focusing System

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All Speed Ring Options

The Cheetah QPB-48 deep parabolic softbox is a 48 inch modifier that provides the most beautiful even light with the highest build quality to to hold up for you through it all. Being the largest of our softboxes, This offers the softest light out of our collections This QPB option adds the Cheetah Focusing System MKII for full control of your light source. The well designed Easy Open system provides fast set up and break downs with ruggedness in mind for the creator on the go!

The Cheetah QPB series is constructed with light weight fiberglass rods to help with handle most situations. Compared to our competitors that use a metal rod system, our softbox handles wind and other nature elements better with less chance of collapsing. The locking system is also rubberized to make it easier to lock and unlock the rods in place.

Multiple configurations means this softbox can produce anything from a hard, direct light source that accentuates your subject, to a beautifully softened source of light that envelopes your subject. Use with the beauty dish alone to create a hard source with a softer center. Use of combinations of the outer and inner diffusion material to go even farther to produce different levels of contrast, sharpness, and dimension. Combine the Cheetah Focusing System to convert to a direct, focusable light source.

The exterior is a tough, flexible material that is tear-resistant and water-resistant. It comes equipped with 2 layers of diffusion that can all be easily cleaned - especially important if you are going to take it on adventures! Combined with the best grid in the market measuring at 2"x2"x2", you will have extreme control of your light spread.

The Beauty Dish Plate adds an extra dimension to the capabilities of this softbox. You can use the QPB with the beauty dish plate without any diffuser. Using only the beauty plate produces an edgy and crisp light that is great for showing the shape and texture of your subject.
For softer light, add the front diffuser.
For even softer light, use both front and inner diffuser.
The diffusers can be used in combination with the Beauty Dish plate, or without it to achieve many different looks with a single softbox.

Bowen Mounting System:
The softbox in this kit comes with a Bowen mount attached to the back of the softbox. This is required to mount the softbox to the Chopstick Focusing System. Multiple speed ring options are available for attaching your light to the "bird cage" on the end of the Chopstick inside the softbox. When choosing a speed ring for this kit, you are choosing the speed ring for attaching your light to the Chopstick. Make sure you choose the correct speed ring for your light.

Speed Ring Selection: 
Bowen: Fits lights and accessories fitted with a Bowen S-Mount. Godox AD-B2 (Not the same as a Low Profile Bowens - see below)
Einstein, AB, Balcar: Fit lights and accessories with a Balcar mount, which includes all lights produced by Paul C. Buff, Inc.
Elinchrom: Fit lights and accessories with an Elinchrom-style mount.
Profoto Clamp Type: Fits lights and accessories with a Profoto-style mount. This insert has a rubber clamp to mount the softbox to the light.

Please see this video for how to select Speedring for the Bidcage.

- 1 Softbox
- 1 Pouch
- 1 Front diffuser
- 1 Inner diffuser
- 1 Grid
- 1 Beauty dish plate

- Weight (lb.): 
- Diameter (point-to-point): 48"
- Depth (when expanded): 29"
- Folded length: 34"

 Click here to see our customer's sample photos using the QPB system

Click here to see how the Cheetah QPB handles in the wind


Please Note: 
In order for this to work with your lights, please make sure they are Bowen mounts.
If your lights are not Bowen, and you would like to be able to attach them to the back of the softbox for direct lighting, you need to order a compatible speed ring as an add-on to your order.
 You can order extra speedring inserts for other lights you have. 
This softbox uses a speed ring insert with a 144mm flange.
If you have lights with a variety of mounting systems that you want to use inside the softbox on the end of the Chopstick, you can order additional "bird cages" to support those lights.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
DJ Meredith
Great Tool

Love the flexibility to mold the light into what the job needs, or what I like with the internal positioning of the light source.

Got a great price, and prompt delivery (even with the weather delays). Also got a great chat with Edward..
Thank you Edward!

Jan Reichle
fantastic parabolic reflector with focussing

Super impressed with this kit. This may be my favorite purchase from you guys, although every bit of Cheetahstand gear I have purchased has been top notch.

Bud Hayman
48" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox with Focusing

I am very impressed with the 48" deep para. I have always wanted to own a reverse mounted parabolic reflector but couldn't justify the big price tag of other brands. I own the 42" soup bowl so I know the quality is top notch. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. If you ever decide to make a huge one, I'll be first in line! Thanks!

Armando Martinez

The 48" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox gives incredibly soft light. All of cheetahstand products are of the highest quality and will contine to buy from them.

Jim B
QPB 48 & Chopstick

Haven't shot with it yet, but I'm still going to give it 5 stars due to the build quality and ease of assembly being so much greater than the RB120, which I already own and love the light quality of. Looking forward to deploying it without screaming and crying... the rapid delivery was welcome too.