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Repair Godox AD200/AD200Pro - Broken LCD or On/Off & Buttons

Repair Godox AD200/AD200Pro - Broken LCD or On/Off & Buttons

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Have you dropped your Godox AD200/AD200Pro or Adorama's Flashpoint eVOLV200 or eVOLV200 Pro and you're now missing a control switch or worse, the screen has cracked?  We've all been there and thankfully at Cheetah Stand, we repair your strobes to get you back into shooting as quickly as possible.

One thing to note, this repair does not correct mis-alignment of your outside AD200 body, this will replace the back screen and the controls on the back of your Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro if it is cracked. This repair does not include any other body parts.  Also, this repair does not fix AD200 or AD200 Pro Errors. 

Please see the following links that might better suit your repairs:  Godox AD200 Body or Godox AD200 Error Messages

If you have any questions about which repair to select for your Godox or Adorama's Flashpoint eVOLV200 or eVOLV200 Pro, please feel free to contact us so that we can help make sure you have working strobes again!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Tom Callins
Quick service

I was so happy to find a company that could repair my fallen Flashpoint Evolv 200. I love these lights, and didn’t want to buy a new “kit”. In less than a week, and less than half the cost of a new one, it was back in action.

James Harrington
Just what we needed..

Our repair was not only done quickly but the price was very fair and communication was excellent. We are so glad we found this service! Thank you for a great experience.

Kenneth Wong
Perfect Repair

Very simple process to fix the AD200. Fast and friendly! My unit is working perfectly again. 5 Stars!

Fritz Mortl
Oustanding Job

From start to finish the process was smooth and uncomplicated. Product was sent back in perfect woring order. Thank you.

AD200 works like new after repair

I was looking for the parts to repair my AD200, which after a couple of spills had broken the on/off switch. Found the Cheetah Stand website to have the part I needed and I went ahead and ordered it. Turns out, to my pleasant surprise, I paid to have them repair it. After mailing them my flash and waiting a short period of time, the flash looks and works great. Thank you!