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C8 Light Stand Knob-Hex Screw-Washer (3 sets)

C8 Light Stand Knob-Hex Screw-Washer (3 sets)

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At Cheetah Stand, we understand how much abuse our creators put on our auto-collapsing Cheetah Stand C8 light stands out in the field.  We're photographers and videographers that care about capturing the moment and lighting first.  And as much abuse as they can handle, our equpiment will need some maintenance from time to time.

A Cheetah Stand, we want to put you back in service as quickly as possible.  And sometimes it's more conveient to order Cheetah Stand C8 repair parts than to replace the lightstand or sending it to us to repair before getting your Cheetah Stand C8 Light Stand back.

Lost C8 Knob - Hex Screw - Washer.  

Sometimes, we move so quickly, we forget to tighten back down the C8 knobs and they fall off during transport. With this set of 3, you can restore your C8s back to normal operating height and have a few to spare when it happens again! 

As always, if you have any questions on how your light Stand is performing, please give us an email or a call.  We're happy to help.


3 C8 Knobs
3 C8 Washers
3 C8 Hex Screws

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Hannah B.
They work...but we shouldn't have to buy extras.

These do the job...but for the price of the stand, the knobs should stay in place not requiring us to purchase extras. It's SO easy to lose these especially if you're a hectic photographer like me shooting weddings. It's one of my least favorite parts about the Cheetah C8 stands.

Eric Hilton
Great stands, and excellent customer service.

I’ve been using my Cheetah stands for quite some time and can say they are wonderful, and truly a big time saver, for shooting and moving fast. I use them for shooting indoor events, but they truly shine when I use them for shooting and moving quickly on my real estate and interior photography.
My only issues were with the knobs and bolts that tighten the stand sections in place.
If Cheetah stands can talk the manufacturer into using higher grade fasteners, these stands would be incredible. I also appreciate that Cheetah stand is a company started by photographers who understand other photographers needs.
Thank you Cheetah stand for your help.

Eric Michael Hilton, former aerospace corporate Industrial photographer

Nirouth phayakoun
Great stuff

Been needing this for a while since my old knob wore out. Total lifesaver. Was getting tired of having my stand pole keep falling and not being able to extend to the height i want. Took seconds to replace and now my c8 work like it a brand new stand. Thank you for great customer services. You guys rock!

Cheetahstand parts

Cheetahstand parts

Craig Obrist