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C10 Light Stand Knob-Hex Screw-Washer (3 sets)

C10 Light Stand Knob-Hex Screw-Washer (3 sets)

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At Cheetahs Stand, we understand how much abuse our creators put on our auto-collapsing Cheetah Stand C10 lightstands out in the field.  We get it, we're photographers and videographers that care about capturing the moment and lighting first.  And as much abuse as they can handle, our equpiment, like any equpiment will need some maintenance from time to time.

At Cheetah Stand, we want to put you back in service as quickly as possible.  And sometimes it's more conveient to order Cheetah Stand C10 repair parts than to replace the lightstand or sending it to us to repair before getting your Cheetah Stand C10 Light Stand back.

Lost C10 Knob - Hex Screw - Washer.  

Sometimes, we move so quickly, we forget to tighten back down the C10 knobs and they fall off during transport. With this set of 3, you can restore your C10s back to normal operating height and have a few to spare when it happens again! 

As always, if you have any questions on how your light stand is performing, please give us an email or a call.  We're happy to help.

3 - C10 locking knobs
3 - Washers
3 - Hex screws

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Rachael Clark
Quick Delivery

I ordered the C10 knob-hex screw-washer to replace parts on my cheetah stand. The parts were delivered quickly and I was able to replace the parts on the stand easily.

N Gregg
OEM replacement

Replaced the one that was lost. It's works like new.

Needed these!

I don't know how, but I lost 1 of my hex screws, so I was so happy to find this part available here!

Alberto Rodriguez
All good

Received the right product ordered on time.
All is good.

Cindy Sigmon
perfect fix and great customer service

I needed to replace two of these on my stand, so I sent Edward an email. He got right back to me with the information I needed. Once ordered, they came quickly and were easy to install. My stand is like new. Thank you, Edward!