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Side lock cold shoe 2 pack

Side lock cold shoe 2 pack

Giá thông thường $18.00 USD
Giá thông thường $22.00 USD Giá bán $18.00 USD
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2pc side lock cold shoe special

This universal cold shoe allows you to mount virtually any shoe mounted flash to a 1/4" threaded stud.Compatible with most speedlights including Canon 580EX, 580EXII,600EX-RT and Nikon SB900, SB910.
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Customer Reviews

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Joseph Gaudet
Excellent Secondary Lock for flash-heads.

I have had flash heads of every make and model fall to the ground at one time or another because of less than ideal locking fixtures on the bottom of the most popular flash heads made. The secondary side lock on this unit solves that problem completely. Finally, no more falling, broken flash heads.

bruce kurosaki
Cold Shoe slide lock

The price is right & I use them all the time with ballheads to secure CL180 and CL 360 units on stands. Could be a little larger but, they work. Again, CheetahStand has what I need!

John Fahrnkopf
Great light stands

I bought the deal with two 8 ft stands with carry case. The stands and case are good quality and the stands work perfectly, as expected. My only issue - and this may be true for any auto-opening stand - is that don't seem sturdy on uneven ground. Most of my portraits are outdoors, and a im not sure yet if these will work well for this purpose. I'll let you know after I have a few outdoor sessions.