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QPB-48 Softbox

QPB-48 Softbox

Giá thông thường $319.00 USD
Giá thông thường Giá bán $319.00 USD
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Ready to go next level with your portable studio? With the Cheetah QPB-48 deep parabolic softbox, you can now produce multiple looks of light with one easy to setup light modifier. The QPB series offers creators the ability to add the Cheetah Focusing System MKII for full control of your light source. The well designed Type S system provides fast set up and break downs with ruggedness in mind for the creator on the go!

The Cheetah QPB series is constructed with light weight fiberglass rods to help handle most situations. Compared to our competitors that use a metal rods, our softbox manages wind and other nature elements better with less chance of collapsing. The locking system is also rubberized to make it easier to lock and unlock the rods in place. Oh snap!

Multiple configurations means this softbox can produce anything from a hard, direct light source that accentuates your subject, to a beautifully softened source of light that envelopes your subject. With just the reflector dish alone, it creates a hard light without a center hotspot. Combinations with the inner and outer diffusion produce different levels of contrast, sharpness, and dimension. Adding the grid will control your light spill for extreme directional lighting. Use the Cheetah Focusing System to convert to a focusable light source for ultimate control of your light source!

The exterior is a tough, flexible material that is tear-resistant and water-resistant. It comes equipped with 2 layers of diffusion that can all be easily cleaned - especially important if you are going to take it on adventures! Combined with the best grid in the market measuring at 2"x2"x2", you will have extreme control of your light spread.

Want the full system? Check out the Cheetah QPB-48 with Focus System

1 QPB-48 Softbox
1 Carrying bag
1 Front diffuser
1 Inner diffuser
1 Eggcrate Grid
1 Reflector plate

Weight with accessories attached: 6.45 lb
Weight with bag: 7.45 lb
Diameter (point-to-point): 46 in
Depth (when expanded): 28 in
Folded length: 34 in
Folded width: 8 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Richard Morgenstein
Excellent Light Modifier

I have now used this light for about 18 months, and it has held up well (all location work), and has a very nice soft quality. I do try to get it as close as possible to the subject (mostly headshots). It is slightly cumbersome to open and close, and takes a bit of strength, and I wish it folded up a BIT smaller (when I fly I do not take it, but luckily that is not too often), but those are the only downsides I have seen. Good value for the money. Not cheap, but not made cheap either. That is a good tradeoff.

Alvin Wilder
Probably won’t make any new purchases

Spent hundreds of dollars with this company and just spent close to $300 on this purchase. I asked for a t-shirt since I was so close to the $300 purchase limit. I know how to treat good customers. But I was ignored!

No problem!
Please remove me from your list. All email list as well.

CheetahStand Reply:

Hi Alvin Wilder,

You place one order with us for $245
That's $55 short of our "order over $300 get a free T shirt" offer

At Cheetahstand we treat all our customer fair with respect.
You will not get a free TShirt even with $299 order.

You put commend on your order
""I know you guys can throw in a xxl T shirt for all the money I spend with you guys. I promote you guys!! Thanks!!""

First how you know we can throw in a tshirt for free?
Second of all cheetahstand we do not offer free stuff in order to get a good review or promotion.

I am the owner of the company, My name is Edward Tang
All our customer's reviews is the true about how they think our product.

You do not want in our mailing system any more....It's easy just when you receive email click on ""Unsubscribe"

We are sorry to loose you as a value customer.


Edward Tang
Owner of Cheetahstand

Herbert Hochman
CheetahStand 48" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox

Very well made.A complete package.This is a product that I can use for a long time.
What I really appreciated was the knowledgeable interaction I had with the company..Very informative and helpful.

Anthony Terlizzi
CheetahStand 48" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox

It works as fully advertised. Am enjoying it immensely.