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Cheetah Pistol Stand with Extra Grip

Cheetah Pistol Stand with Extra Grip

Giá thông thường $218.00 USD
Giá thông thường $245.00 USD Giá bán $218.00 USD
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The standard Pistol Stand is a column stand comes with one grip. This version adds a second grip to double the flexibility of this stand. Mount two lights, or a light and another accessory. Just about anything that can be mounted on a light stand can be mounted on the grips. The grips slide easily on the upright by simply squeezing the trigger and moving the grip. Releasing the trigger solidly clamps the grip to the stand. The stud on the grip can be oriented several different ways to support various accessories (see images). The locking casters make moving the Pistol Stand around the studio exceptionally easy.

Weight: 18lb (8.3kg)

Max Load: 22lb (10Kkg)

Max Height: 6.5ft (200cm
Tube Dia: 1.4in (35mm)

1x Pistol Stand
2x Pistol Grip

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Note: The Free Storage Bag is for storage and easy for shipping purposes. Cheetah Stand does not offer warranty on this bag.
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