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Background Stand Kit

Background Stand Kit

Giá thông thường $189.00 USD
Giá thông thường Giá bán $189.00 USD
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When it comes to backdrop stands, details make the difference. This stand has gotten all of the details right.

Portable and easy to setup. At 12lbs, this backdrop stand can be easily transported and setup on location. While it is always easier to have two people to setup a backdrop stand, this one can be managed by one person if necessary. A sectioned carry bag is included to make this kit ready to go.

Stronger crossbar. This stand uses a 4 section interlocking crossbar for strength and durability. Unlike telescoping crossbars which can sag when fully extended, the indexed connectors are strong and can easily support a standard 107"x36' paper roll as well as vinyl or cloth backdrops. The crossbar can be used in either a 2 section, 3 section or 4 section configuration depending on the width of your backdrop.

Each section of the Background Stand Cross is secured by a ball and spring that requires you to depress before it will unlock itself.  Just align the bar with the ball and spring to the hole and it'll automatically click into place.  

The stands. The air-cushioned stands control the speed of the drop when raising or lowering the crossbar to ensure that your backdrop will not come crashing down. This will also greatly extend the life of the stands. Metal clamps on the uprights are more durable than the plastic clamps found on competing stands. The stands have a standard 5/8" tip, so they can serve as excellent light stands when not being used to hold a backdrop with a weight limit of 10 lbs. The base of the stands is wide enough to securely hold up backdrops or a light with a softbox.

Air-cushioned stands
Metal clamps
Stands can be used as light stands when not using as backdrop stands
Indexed connectors on the crossbar for quick, secure setup

Maximum Bar Height: 9' 5"
Minimum Bar Height: 38 1/2"
Bar Width - 4 Sections: 10'-3" (123")
3 Sections: 7'-7 1/2" (91 1/2")
2 Sections: 4'-11 3/4" (59 3/4")
Overall Width with 4 Sections including legs: 12'-1"
Minimum Distance from back wall: 11" to 18" (Depends on the orientation of the legs and the spread)
Weight including carry bag: 12.4 lbs.

Stand Length (Closed): 34 1/2"
Maximum Stand Height: 9' 5"
Stand Leg Spread: 32" (Fully Extended), 20 1/2" (Minimum - use with care, makes stand less stable)
Individual Stand Weight: 4.3 lbs

4 - Section Crossbar
2 - Stands
1 - Storage Bag (Only used for shipping and storage.  Cheetah Stand does not offer warranty for this bag)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Herb Doller
We had 1 ... we needed a second!

What else needs to be said!

Andrew Stasic
Background Stand Kit

Well constructed and strong. I particularly like the unique way the crossbar is connected - through a light stand connector. Also, great service.

Edgardo Moctezuma
Purchase of Backdrop

Everything was perfect EXCEPT the actual ordering process. I had to enter my information 3 times before it was put through. Painful. Perhaps it had to do with Google or do not know what but it WAS painful.

The backdrop itself seems solid. If not being used the stands can be used as light stands. Easy to set up. Thank you.

Gary Crowl


backdrop stand kit

Arrived super fast, and well made & easy set up. Will also use as extra light stands - very happy 😀