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3.5mm miniphone to screwlock PC adapter cable

3.5mm miniphone to screwlock PC adapter cable

Giá thông thường $9.50 USD
Giá thông thường Giá bán $9.50 USD
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This cable is perfect for connecting your transmitters and flashes to your cameras!  They work well with older Pocketwizard, Yongnuos and Phottix Transmitters that don't necessarily receive their information from the hot-shoe.

The 2.5mm mini-phone to screwlock PC adapter cable is a 
1.2 meter coiled adapter cable for connecting 2.5mm miniphone to screwlock PC connector.  Comes with a screw lock on the PC connector side to prevent accidental disconnection.

1- 2.5mm to PC connector coiled adapter

If you're unsure if your transmitter works with this 2.5mm to PC connector please email us at or call us anytime.  
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tom Quach
Is as advertised

Quick delivery. Both in working order.

Ken McMillian Photography
Great Product & Service!

I could have purchased this cable other places, I mean it's just a sync cable, but because of the service and quality of my other Cheetah stand products My Preference is Ed and Cheetah Stand.

Scott Hom
3.5mm miniphone to screwlock PC adapter cable

Works like a charm with my yn-622c

Steve Blazo Photography
Mini 3.5 for Elinchrom Skyport Receiver

This is one of--if not the only place--to get these cords with a screw-lock PC in stock without having to have them custom made, which would cost $45.00 and up per cord to start. I searched the web thoroughly looking for these. Although the overall length seems like more than necessary, it is coiled, so it is actually quite short, which is good.
Prompt delivery and product as advertised.
Steve Blazo Photography.