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Cheetah Colt 45 High Performance Reflector

Cheetah Colt 45 High Performance Reflector

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The Colt 45 produces a concentrated beam for high-output, high-intensity light. The resulting beam is circular, with minimal fall-off from center to edge. Because the Colt 45 produces a 45° beam of light, it is easy to determine the placement of the light. For each foot the light is from the subject, the circle of light is 1 foot in diameter. For example, placing the light 8 feet from subject produces an 8 foot circle of light.  

Click here to see our customer's sample photos using the Colt 45!

Use the Colt 45 without a diffuser to get high output light that is excellent for using outdoors in bright sunlight. Use the sun as a backlight and the Colt 45 as a main light to blend beautifully. Add the included diffuser to use the Colt 45 in-studio for soft light with punch. The aluminum construction makes the Colt 45 durable, but lightweight.

Add the optional 30° grid to alter the shape and light output by channeling the light into a precise 30° beam. The resulting light is more directional and has great spill control.  The Colt 45 comes with flip over color corrected diffuser.

Please Note, the Colt 45 only comes in Bowen Mount


  • Diameter: 11"/28cm
  • Length: 13.5"
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Interior: Textured Silver
  • All metal construction
  • 45° beam of light
  • Compatible with Cheetah Speed Pro and Bowens mounts (Please Note: Not compatible with other mounts)
  • Includes free flip over color corrected diffuser
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