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QRB-36 Softbox

QRB-36 Softbox

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Looking for a quick setup deep parabolic softbox? Introducing the Cheetah Stand QRB-36. Designed for the softest light possible, this deep parabolic softbox takes your light and wraps it around 2 layers of diffusion to give your subject an amazing light with the softest falloff. Built with quickness and durability in mind, the Cheetah Stand QRB-36 is the fastest, softest modifier you can own!

The innovative Quick Release System is designed for speedy set up and break downs for the creator on the go! Just as easy as it is to open and close a traditional umbrella, you can have your modifier set up in seconds, saving you time and stress when you are creating your masterpiece. This is extra important if you are renting space because who wants to waste time setting up and breaking down when you could be making more magic? 

The interior of the softbox is lined with a specially engineered pebbled silver material, a Cheetah Stand exclusive. Smooth silver material can produce significant hot spots in the light output making it difficult to use the box without a diffuser. The unique design of the pebbling in our softbox diffuses the light, resulting in more consistent light while maintaining maximum output. This is especially important when shooting in bright sun when you need to get the most power from your lights. 

The exterior is a tough, flexible material that is tear-resistant and water-resistant. It comes equipped with 2 layers of diffusion that can all be easily cleaned - especially important if you are going to take it on adventures! Combined with the best grid in the market measuring at 2in x 2in x 2in, you will have extreme control of your light spread.

The reflector plate adds an extra dimension to the capabilities of this softbox. The plate comes pre-installed, but is removable by user. You can use the QRB with or without any diffuser to produce an edgy and crisp light that is great for showing the shape and texture of your subject.
For softer light, add the front diffuser.
For even softer light, use both front and inner diffuser.
The diffusers can be used in combination with the reflector plate, or without it to achieve many different looks with a single softbox.

The 4 thumbscrew design makes it easy to change speed ring inserts when you switch between lighting systems quickly and without tools.

1 Softbox
1 Carrying bag
1 Front diffuser
1 Inner diffuser
1 Eggcrate Grid
1 Reflector plate

Weight with accessories attached: 4.8 lb
Weight with bag: 6.2 lb
Diameter (point-to-point): 36 in
Depth (when expanded): 25 in
Folded length: 30.5 in
Folded width: 7 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Henry Bat - Photography
I'm thoroughly impressed with Quality.

Recently purchased a parabolic from Cheetahstand and I'm thoroughly impressed. As a professional photographer with 15+ years in the field, I value quality and efficiency. Excited for a lasting professional relationship with Cheetahstand – already planning to buy more gear for my next workshop. Highly recommend!

Troy Shay

QRB-36 Softbox

Donald Schwartz
Needs Instuctions


I'm not sure how to properly open my softbox.

I particularly don't know how hard I can press to lock it in place.

CheetahStand reply:


Instruction is in the product page when you place the order.

Please see the video:
This is the easiest open softbox we made.
You can push as hard as you like until you hear the click......and it's done!


If you still have any question you can email us

or call us


Edward Tang
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John H.
36” Softbox

Product works great. Just as described.

Dennis Covey
Great Quality and Value

I’ve been a professional photographer for more than 40 years and tend to invest in quality equipment. I needed a quick set up parabolic for location work and saw the reviews for Cheetah stand products so I decided to give it a try. First of all customer service was great. They called right after I ordered to check my address and confirm credit card info. I received my order in two days. Upon opening the box I was blown away not only by the quality of the Para, but with all of the accessories and the included bag. I put it right to work and haven’t been disappointed in any aspect of the para. Thank you Cheetahstand! This is just the beginning of our professional relationship. I’ll be ordering 2 strip lights as soon as they’re back in stock!