David Loi

David Loi

David Loi is a photographer based in Dallas Ft-Worth that loves taking wedding day photos that are both creative and story-telling.

As a full-time photographer, David has now photographed more than 200 weddings as a wedding photographer with each of these years dedicated to improving his craft and skills so that his couples and clients are happy! David has been blessed to have photographed weddings and engagements both internationally and state-side as well as in Dallas, Texas where he is based out of.

David is known for climbing mountains and will jump into the water so he depends on his Cheetah Stands and Cheetah Softboxes to last in harsh conditions and his trusty Nikon to always get the shots!  

If he is not busy working, he enjoys being outdoors riding bikes and hanging out with friends and family. 


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David Loi Weddings - White Sands
David Loi Weddings - Fire Shot
David Loi Weddings - Champagne Spray
David Loi Weddings - Night Shot

David Loi Weddings - One Arts PlazaDavid Loi Weddings David Loi Weddings
David Loi Weddings - Sunset Photo

David Loi Weddings