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Low Profile Bowen Speed Ring Insert (6"-152mm)

Low Profile Bowen Speed Ring Insert (6"-152mm)

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This ring does not work with Godox AD-B2
Confirm work with Aputure LED Light
Cheetah Stand Exclusive!

This Low Profile Bowen speedring insert will help you make the most of the light from your flash, especially with the Godox AD600, AD600 Pro, Flashpoint XPLOR 600, XPLOR 600 Pro. It is designed to fit softboxes with interchangeable speedring inserts. This allows you to use your existing softboxes with different lights.

The flash tube on the Godox AD600 and Flashpoint XPLOR 600 sits very close to the head. With a standard Bowen mount, the base of the flash tube is covered by the speedring, which may lower the light output. The low-profile design of this ring extends the flash head further into the softbox, distributing the light from the flash more efficiently and evenly.

On the Godox AD600 Pro and Flashpoint XPLOR 600 Pro, the standard speedring can cover a portion of the heat sink. This speedring insert covers much less of the heat sink, allowing more air flow to keep the flash cooler. A cooler flash tube will last longer and produce more consistent light.

Although it was designed for the flashes listed above, it's use is not limited to those flashes. The low-profile insert can be used on most flashes with a Bowen mount to improve the quality of light versus a standard depth Bowen insert.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please measure the diameter of your existing speedring insert before ordering. See video for details.

We carry two other sizes of this speedring insert:
5 1/2" (139mm) - Fits Paul C. Buff softboxes with speedring insert and any other softbox with a 5 1/2" (139mm) speedring insert
5 2/3" (144mm) - Fits Jinbei softboxes and any other softbox with a 5 2/3" (144mm) speedring insert

Make sure to watch the instructional video below on how to measure your softbox to make sure you order the correct size. The video also shows how to install the insert on your softbox.

Installation Notes: No mounting screws or washers are included. Simply use the screws and washers from your softbox. If any thumbscrews are used in your existing mount, you may need to replace those with a standard phillips head screws because thumbscrews may be too long and won't allow the ring to be fully inserted into the flash.

Low Profile Bowen: This insert is designed specifically for the Godox AD-600B, AD600BM, AD600Pro and AD400Pro (also sold as the Cheetah CL-600X, Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS, XPLOR 600 HSS TLL, XPLOR 600Pro, XPLOR 400 Pro). Important: Do not order this mount for the Godox AD-B2 Dual Flash Adapter for the AD200, it will not fit. For the AD-B2, select the standard Bowen mount. It is not recommended for other Bowen mount lights because the low-profile design may cause the flange on the insert to contact the frame of the light before it is fully installed into the light. It could become jammed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
David T Perez
Great Service

I don't think I have ever worked with a company that has consistently delivered such great service. From searching their website for what I need, ordering the product, or getting fast delivery, Cheetah Stand can't be beat. I all the products I've used to be just what I expect from professional photo equipment.

Robert Waybright
Allows more of the light to fill the modifier

The older AD600s don't protrude deeply into some modifiers and may not be as bright as expected with older Bowens speed rings. This helps make sure enough of the bulb enters the modifier to get the full output radiating out.

Michael Johnson

I emailed Cheetah Stand, not sure if the item of interest would work with my soft box. Cheetah Stand answered my email promptly, I ordered and it arrived before expected. I am very pleased with Cheetah Stand customer service and the product.

Bruce Ruchotzke
Speed ring

The quality is great! We've ordered several of them before. This time I ordered the wrong size.

Cheetah Reply:

Please read and fill the form:

We will issue you refund

Edward Tang

Gary Yeo
Great Addition

I'm switching out all my bm to lowpro bm