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Colt 45 Reflector with 30 Degree Grid

Colt 45 Reflector with 30 Degree Grid

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The Colt 45 Reflector produces a concentrated beam for high-output, high-intensity light. The resulting beam is circular, with minimal fall-off from center to edge. Because the Colt 45 Reflector produces a 45° beam of light, it is easy to determine the placement of the light. For each foot the light is from the subject, the circle of light is 1 foot in diameter. For example, placing the light 8 feet from subject produces an 8 foot circle of light.  

Use the Colt 45 Reflector without a diffuser to get high output light that is excellent for using outdoors in bright sunlight. Use the sun as a backlight and the Colt 45 Reflector as a main light to blend beautifully. Add a diffuser to use the Colt 45 Reflector in-studio for soft light with punch. The aluminum construction makes the Colt 45 durable, but lightweight.

Attach the 30° grid to alter the shape and light output by channeling the light into a precise 30° beam. The resulting light is more directional and has great spill control.


  • Diameter: 11"/28cm
  • Length: 13.5"
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Interior: Textured Silver
  • All metal construction
  • 45° beam of light
  • Compatible with Cheetah Speed Pro and Bowens mounts

1 - Colt 45
1 - 30° Grid

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Shapiro


Colt 45 with 30° Grid

Sturdy; well-made. If you're not aware how big this is, look up the measurements. It's laughably long😁 on an AD400 Pro, you'll be able to get the f-stop you want in midday sun.
Grid is well-made also. Just got the grid just in case they stop making them. Will probably buy a (djembe?) drum case for the Colt 45.

Amazing hard light modifier!

The Colt 45's beam is very even throughout its coverage, giving it a spotlight quality. The 1foot away from subject = 1ft circle of light makes it very intuitive to position the light when you're working in a location where modeling lights aren't going to cut it. This reflector has a permanent spot in my location bag thanks to its ease of transport.

P.S. Cheetahstand if you read this, I'd love a Colt 45 10 Degree grid :)

Alfred Harvey III
Excellent Products

Everything I've bought from CheetahStand has been superior to the product description. The quality is excellent as well as innovative. Their devices serve a true, practical purpose at a VERY fair price. When I'm in need of a modifier, CheetahStand is where I look first. A plus, all orders are delivered ahead of projected delivery date and in perfect condition, ready to be put to work.

Isidro Hernandez

Nice product! Love it 😍