New Feets Keep those Auto-Open Cheetah Stands Working!

New Feets Keep those Auto-Open Cheetah Stands Working!

If your Auto-Opening Light Stands start to stick, the fix is surprisingly simple: New Feets Keep those Auto-Open Cheetah Stands Working very fast! It’s surprising how the little things matter so much for our Cheetah Stand Light Stands but in this case, the feets are critical to the operation of the auto-opening legs. As you continue to use your Auto-Opening Light Stands on all sorts of grounds, the feet will eventually wear away, kind of like car tires. Especially on concrete where they act like sandpaper for the feet, the plastic will wear away even quicker.

But the feets are important to the overall system because they act as a “kick” out for our light stands when you place them on the ground and without the feet they will get more difficult to open up over time. That’s why we sell the feet replacements for the C8, C10 and C12 so that you can save the most important feature of your Cheetah Stand Light Stands!

Thankfully, it won’t take long to fix these stands and in 10 minutes or less, you’ll have light stands ready for service again!

Tools Required:

Mallot (we don’t recommend hammers as they’ll flatten the plastic feet)
Flat head screwdriver
Correct Feet for your Cheetah Stand Light Stand based on the C8, C10 or C12.

Repair Procedures:

Pulling the Old Feet from Your Automatic Cheetah Stand Light Stand

Step 1: Remove the old feet on your Cheetah Stand (or in this case my Cheetah Stand!). We take a set of pliers to just pull on the old feet. Sometimes you might have to use the flathead screwdriver in between to pry the foot.

If the foot breaks, just use a screw driver to mallot and drive it in.

Step 2. (Optional)
If the foot breaks half way (this can happen on really worn out plastic feet) then you can just take the flat head screw driver and use the mallot at the end to push the broken piece further down the leg. This causes no harm.

Put the new foot in place and put it in place with the mallot.

Step 3. Once the feet is removed, use the mallot to press the new feet into the legs and hammer them in. Then repeat for the next 3!

That’s it! With those New Feets in they will Keep those Auto-Open Cheetah Stands Working for your next sessions very easily!

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