Cheetah Stand Mini Light Stand

Cheetah Stand Mini Light Stand

The Cheetah Stand: Mini Light Stand — as a creative, we’re always wanting more — more — more. We all know how well our lighting would look if we had a few Cheetah Softboxes like the QSB-34 and a Rolling Boom to hold everything. But unfortunately when you’re travelling, we have to sometimes cut back on some of the gear we carry and compromise to make your lighting work. However, your creativity and resourcefulness to create an epic image knows no bounds and we’re to help with the gear that fits you best. Enter, the Cheetah Stand Mini Light Stand!

Designed to be ultra compact, this light stand measures no more than 21" when collapsed and can fit on the side of a backpack if needed and would be no issue in a carry-on suitcase designated by most airlines (22" by 14" by 9" is the usual standard). Something also nice is that the weight on these stands are very light, just 2lbs and 13oz, it’ll give you plenty of spare weight to put the other gear in as well. As always, please check with your specific airline about your check-in, but we know we’ve never had an issue otherwise. However, it opens up to a commanding 76" or roughly 6.5 ft of height for your lighting needs. Pack this with one of our 36" umbrellas and you have the perfect little portrait setup for any destination engagement or elopement location.

The Cheetah Stand Mini Light Stand is ideal for Carry-On Suit cases.
The Cheetah Stand Mini Light Stand fits in the side pocket of a backpack easily!

Yes, it also fits perfectly in the side pocket of your backpack for easy carry as well!

Even around town, the Cheetah Mini is perfect for a lot of other situations too. We’ve found them to be ideal for the YouTube Content Creator as well when they’re in a smallish space. Just setup the Cheetah Mini with our 36" Umbrella and a constant LED light and you’d have the perfect main light for content creation whether it’s at your home studio or out while you’re travelling.

And at $60, they’re the perfect travelling companion without breaking the bank!

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