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Repair AD300PRO: Drop / Water Damage or E1-E9 Errors

Repair AD300PRO: Drop / Water Damage or E1-E9 Errors

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If you've turned on your Godox AD300 Pro or Flashpoint XPLOR300PRO recently and have an odd E1 or E3 Error this repair will get your Godox-based AD300Pro working again.

Dropped in water (You'll also need the AD300 Pro Cracked Screen Repair)
Crackiling or Smoking

One thing to note, if the strobe was dropped and the screen has cracked, that will fall under a different repair: AD300Pro Cracked Screen

If you have any questions about which repair to select for your Godox AD300Pro or Adorama's Flashpoint XPLOR300 Pro, please feel free to contact us so that we can help make sure you have working strobes again!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bill Photography
300 Pro Godox

Great work and the perfect customer service. Thanks guys for a job well done.

ad300 pro

The flash doesn't fire, I even changed the bulb and it doesn't fire, it just turns on the modeling light. This is my number [****]. Previously, I had already brought you the AD200.

Ryan Smith Photography
Great service

After my AD300 sparked, had a puff of smoke, and wouldn't power on, I figured it was done for. They did this repair and it fixed the issue. They were quick and responsive and the cheapest of any of the repair services I found.