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Repair Godox AD200/AD200Pro: Damaged outer shell

Repair Godox AD200/AD200Pro: Damaged outer shell

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Have you dropped your Godox AD200/AD200 Pro or Flashpoint eVOLV Branded AD200 and the body is warped or cracked?  If the strobe still fires but the body is mis-aligned or the body shell itself is cracked or broken, this repair will be perfect for you.    

One thing to note, if the strobe no longer works or if the screen is cracked, this repair is not the correct repair for you.  This repair does not include any electronics.  Please see the following links that might better suit your repairs:  or

If you have any questions about which repair to select for your Godox or Adorama's Flashpoint AD200 or AD200 Pro, please feel free to contact us so that we can help make sure you have working strobes again!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paul A Carpenter
Great service

Fast and fantastic job

Excellent service!

Great customer service and fast turnaround time at a very reasonable price!

J. Banks Photography Atlanta, GA
A1 Business

The replacement of the outer shell was excellent!! I feel like a have a brand new unit. Nothing less than expected because I’ve met the Cheetah guys and they are awesome, and so are their light stands. Not to mention the price was very fair.

Duane D
Bravo! Fantastic customer service!

On a recent real estate shoot, my Godox AD200 fell onto a tile floor, which resulted in the battery release button's becoming disengaged. I got through the rest of the shoot by holding the battery in place with my thumb. When I got home, I took the unit apart and was able to restore functionality to the button by re-installing its spring, which had come loose inside the housing. (Thankfully, the flash head release button had the same configuration, or I likely never would've figured out how to position the spring!) The battery was still slightly loose, however, such that when the unit was tilted to the right, or tilted forward or backward, the display would go out and the flash wouldn't fire. I was resigned to having to replace the whole unit (current cost, $380) when I ran across this Cheetahstand website and discovered that it could be repaired domestically. After calling and speaking with Charles, I re-examined the flash and found that the housing had a small crack in it, just below the battery release button. I sent the unit in for repair and these guys fixed it within 2 days of receiving it. Total turnaround time was 7 days, and the total cost was less than $60, including shipping both ways! I'm happy to report that the device has performed flawlessly ever since. Needless to say, I'm more than impressed, I'm thrilled! This is about as good as customer service gets. Thanks, Cheetahstand!

Mike W
Great repair!!

My AD200 dropped from about 10 feet and the front portion of it cracked. Cheetah Stand did a great job repairing it. Communication could've been a little better, but other than that, I have no complaints.