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Pistol Light Stand With Castors

Pistol Light Stand With Castors

Giá thông thường $249.00 USD
Giá thông thường Giá bán $249.00 USD
Giảm giá Đã bán hết

The Cheetah Stand Pistol Stand is a column stand built on heavy duty rollers with pistol grips that can mount just about any light you want. Think of it as a C-Stand that can move around!

The grip easily slides up and down the column by simply squeezing the trigger and moving the grip. Releasing the trigger solidly clamps the grip to the stand. The stud on the grip can be oriented several different ways to support various accessories (see images). The locking casters make moving the Pistol Stand around your photography or videography studio exceptionally easy.

Want another grip to mount a camera, laptop table, etc? Check out our Cheetah Pistol Stand with Extra Grip!

Weight: 18lb 

Max Load: 15lb

Max Height: 6.5ft

Tube Diameter: 1.4in

1 Pistol Stand light stand
1 Pistol Grip 
NOTE: The free storage bag is for shipping purposes only and is not covered under warranty if damaged 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Exactly what I wanted. Very sturdy and well built. This is the second one I have ordered.

Jami Last
Pleasantly surprised

I was in desperate need of a new stand and was looking all over the place until this company was recommended. I received my stand in a timely manner and it's exactly what I needed! Very sturdy, easy to assemble and works perfectly in my studio!

Kristen Matta
Solid Stand

I love this stand. REALLY easy to assemble. Love the wheels - roles right around, even on low-grade carpet. The pistol grip is key, working on various set heights. Highly recommend!

Super quick shipping

I ordered on Wednesday afternoon and it shipped same day... arrive on Friday! I love the carrying case (although I won't be traveling with it). All of the parts were there. I would have liked some kind of part inventory + instruction (it was pretty simple to figure out though). Would definitely order again.

Eric Hayden

Easy set up. Rick solid stand!