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Cheetah 48" Deep Parabolic Quick Rice Bowl

Cheetah 48" Deep Parabolic Quick Rice Bowl

Giá thông thường $249.00 USD
Giá thông thường $277.00 USD Giá bán $249.00 USD
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All Speed Ring Options

Bigger is better light! 

The Cheetah Quick Rice Bowl comes with a free Beauty Dish Plate.

The Beauty Dish Plate adds an extra dimension to the capabilities of this softbox.
You can use the Rice Bowl with the beauty dish plate without any diffuser. Using only the beauty plate produces an edgy and crisp light that is great for showing the shape and texture of your subject.
For softer light, add the front diffuser.
For even softer light, use both front and inner diffuser.
The diffusers can be used in combination with the Beauty Dish plate, or without it to achieve many different looks with a single softbox.

The 48" Cheetah Stand Quick Deep Parabolic Rice Bowl provides beautiful wraparound light. These softboxes are designed for portrait, commercial, beauty, and fashion photographers. They are quality built for long lasting use.

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Check out this Jolliebee commercial in Vietnam that used the 48 Inch Deep Parabolic Quick Rice Bowl for their photoshoot! 

Cheetah Stand Quick Rice Bowl features a new, easy to assemble release system for quick set up and tear down.

The exterior is a tough, flexible material. It can be easily cleaned - especially important if you are going to be using it outside.

This system is designed and made to be used in many different ways, whether it's used as a main, fill light, or rim light source. It may be the only modifier you will ever need to get that right look.

CheetahStand Quick Series offer the best grid in the market 2x2x2 high quality grid to control your light spread.

Speed Ring Selection:

Bowen: Fits lights and accessories fitted with a Bowen S-Mount. Godox AD-B2 (Not the same as a Low Profile Bowens - see below)
Low Profile Bowen: This insert is designed specifically for the Godox AD-600B, AD600BM, AD600Pro and AD400Pro (also sold as the Cheetah CL-600X, Flashpoint XPLOR 600 HSS, XPLOR 600 HSS TLL, XPLOR 600Pro, XPLOR 400 Pro). Important: Do not order this mount for the Godox AD-B2 Dual Flash Adapter for the AD200, it will not fit. For the AD-B2, select the standard Bowen mount. It is not recommended for other Bowen mount lights because the low-profile design may cause the flange on the insert to contact the frame of the light before it is fully installed into the light. It could become jammed.
Einstein, AB, Balcar: Fit lights and accessories with a Balcar mount, which includes all lights produced by Paul C. Buff, Inc.
Elinchrom: Fit lights and accessories with an Elinchrom-style mount.
Photogenics: Fit lights and accessories with a Photogenics-style mount.
Profoto Screw Type: Fits lights and accessories with a Profoto-style mount. This insert has a thumbscrew that is used to tighten the insert around the light.

If you have more than one brand of light, the 4 screws design makes it easy to change speedring inserts to fit different lights quickly. The Cheetah Quick RiceBowl comes with 6 options for speed ring: Bowens, Einstein, Elinchrom, Photogenic, Profoto and Speedlight. Make sure you choose the correct speed ring for your light.


- 1 48" Quick Rice Bowl
- 1 Front Diffuser (color corrected for beautiful skin tone)
- 1 Inner Diffuser (also color corrected)
- 1 Grid
- 1 Pouch


- Weight: 5.8 lbs
- Diameter (point-to-point): 47"
- Depth (when expanded): 28"
- Folded length: 37"

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