Ric Lewis

Ric Lewis is an internationally published photographer specializing in fine art portraiture, underwater, fashion, maternity, and boudoir. Of all the genres of photography, his two main passions are maternity and underwater portraiture. Ric travels the US with his wife Kayla and teaches workshops as well as speaks or runs photo booths at photography conventions throughout the US. When he's not taking pictures or teaching workshops, Ric helps his wife with her company Kayla Douglas Artistry. Master Creator Ric Lewis is also brand ambassador for Baby Dream Backdrops, Aftershoot, and StellaPro. Ric loves meeting new creatives and has a passion for teaching and helping. The most important thing for Ric as a photographer is that every client, every photographer, and every creative walks away from every interaction with him feeling loved, inspired, and valued.

Ric Lewis Gallery: