Why You Need Cheetah Stand Automatic Light Stands

Why You Need Cheetah Stand Automatic Light Stands

We admit that we are biased over our Cheetah Stand Automatic Light Stands and think they should be a standard part of your photography or videography kit. Designed with creatives that think and work quickly, they are the perfect addition to a mobile off-camera light kit solution. In this article we will discuss some of the main reasons that if you do not have Cheetah Stands you might be missing moments or shots. And if you’re a new wedding or portrait photographer or videographer shopping around for a light stand for your strobes and constant lights — we’ll explain why this might be one of your best purchases of your career (yes, that’s a big statement!)

Cheetah Stand’s Automatic Light Stands gets you using Off-Camera Flashes Fast!

One of the reasons we love the Cheetah Stand Automatic Light Stands, which come in 8ft, 10ft and 12ft versions is because of how quick and simple it is to set a shot up. Why? The legs will automatically retract when you pick it up and will automatically deploy when you put it back on the ground. Sounds like it should be a normal feature right? Unfortunately most light stands do not automatically retract their legs. This small but crucial key difference can be the difference that will ultimately prevent you from learning and using lights

Let’s walk through the process of a normal wedding shoot and how our Cheetah Stand’s Automatic light stands can help keep ya using off-camera lights in every situation.

We’ve all been there — your schedule is tight and your make up artist is already behind (no offense make-up artists but it happens more often than not!) and now your getting ready, robe photos and first look photos are all behind schedule. Let’s assume your strobe or constant light is already on the light stand with a small modifier like an umbrella so that we can only focus on the process.

If you had a normal light stand, this would be a typical process:
1. Kneel down to open the light stands legs
2. Extend the height
3. Reset position
4. Take a photo and review and realize you need to move the light again.
5. Kneel down to close the light stand
6. Re-start at 1.

With a Cheetah Stand Automatic Light Stand, Your №1 is simply picking up your light stand and placing it in a new position. And that’s just 1 light, if you have mutliple lights setup, the process becomes even more painful if you do not have automatic folding lights. Kneeling down to open and close your eventually wears you out and eventually creators tend to get frustrated and will start to depend on your on-board flash or just use natural light especially if your schedule is extremely tight. Ultimately this is very defeating.

Don’t take our word for it, feel free to check out what SLR Lounge said about our Cheetah Stand C8 for example.

Cheetah Stand’s Automatic Light Stands are perfect for events and weddings!

Credit: SLR Lounge

Better yet, just see how Film-Maker Keith Betters of Keith Creative uses his Cheetah Stand Light Stands at a wedding!


With an Automatic Cheetah Stand Light Stand, you’ll be much more inclined to keep using your off camera flash even when your schedule is tight. And if all of your images look just a little better because you were able to continue doing off-camera flash for your images, these lead to an incredible portfolio overall — and that is the key difference in how a small processes can have big changes on your images and ultimately a better product for your clients.

See more at our company here! https://cheetahstand.com/

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