Keith Betters

Keith Betters

Always a person with a creative itch, Keith started his career in video production in 2009. His love of technology and cinematic Hollywood productions motivated him to pick up a camera and start filming family events. He very quickly fell in love with the art of composition & storytelling, as well as developing a passion for researching the latest & greatest camera gear. 

Like many beginning filmmakers, he quickly gravitated towards the world of wedding cinematography. As he learned the craft, Keith’s business quickly grew and by 2013 he was working 40+ weddings a year with his Inspired Effects brand. He began hiring editors and scaling the wedding video business by opening a physical studio space. As the wedding side was growing, Keith would do projects on the side to stretch his creativity and expand his skill set. Some of those projects consisted of music videos, promotional videos, and television commercials. 

As time went on and video became more popular and accessible, the opportunities continued to grow. By 2017, Keith was able to work with brands such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Conair & Hexbug. As a Director of Photography (DP), he had television commercials airing in over 40 countries. A few of those commercials even won Telly awards. With the success of the commercial productions and creative projects, Keith started to transition more into freelance content creation. 

In 2018 he founded the brand Keith Creative to cater more towards that audience and showcase his work. He continued to balance both weddings and freelance content creation over a few years, enjoying the diversity in the work and his portfolio. Currently, Keith Creative is now his leading brand as not only does he produce for others, but now also produces content for himself. He now often works with the NFL for television productions, continues to produce content for brands and does freelance DP work.


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