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Cheetah Stand is owned and shipped out of Dallas, Texas by co-owners Charles Nguyen and David Loi. We've been using Cheetah Stands and Modifers well before taking over the reigns from Edward Tang who built the brand to what it is now for over 20 years.

Being wedding and commercial photographers ourselves, we've pushed our Cheetah Stand & Cheetah Mods hard over the years and it has never let us down. Our No. 1 goal is to continue to provide lighting equipment that is both robust and quick to deploy because with every job, we understand that our products need to work well, work fast and work at the next photoshoot. If you'd like to see our work where we've used our Cheetah Stand and Cheetah Mods in the past, here's our websites: Charlie In the Tree, DL Studios, DL Weddings.

Please, no walk-ins! We are working photographers and might be on a photoshoot!

We are now offering curbside pick-up for orders placed for pick-up in the North Texas area. If you'd like to visit, we are available by appointment.

Please call us at (469) 287-8711 for any questions or appointments.

Being that we're working photographers, our responses might be delayed outside of the normal customer service hours of 10AM - 4PM Central Standard Time.

Thank you!

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