Meet CheetahStand:

The Self-Collapsing Photography Light Stand
cheetah stand The CheetahStand features legs that automatically open and close when you pick it up or put it down (auto retracting and contracting legs).

Perfect for those that need to move lights often and quickly. It is great for wedding photographer to move in and out of the church pews.

The body is made of high quality sturdy aluminium and features fine rubber feet that will not scratch the floor with little grips on them that grab the surface and keep the stand from slipping.

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CheetahStand C8

  • Supports up to: 6lb
  • Weight: 3.2 lb
  • Footprint: 32" diameter
  • Working height: 29" to 96"

CheetahStand C10

  • Supports up to: 9lb
  • Weight: 4.3 lb
  • Footprint: 38" diameter
  • Working height: 36" to 120"

CheetahStand C12

  • Supports up to: 15lb
  • Weight: 7 lb
  • Footprint: 44" diameter
  • Working height: 44" to 141"
Also available the CheetahStand Air series with air cushion that protects your light from sudden drop preventing damage to your light.

CheetahStand C8 Air

  • Same features as above with the addition of air cushion

CheetahStand C10 Air

  • Same features as above with the addition of air cushion

CheetahStand C12 Air

  • Same features as above with the addition of air cushion


5 stars Is a fantastic product. Excellent idea. Very useful and portable.
5 stars I love this stand. It is so easy to get up and go from one location to another. I already know this stand will change the way I am able to photograph events.
5 stars This is the only stand I'll ever buy. They're amazing, easy to use, best customer service and super fast shipping. Love them!
5 stars Works great when I film weddings, so much easier to move around tables and chairs and people!
5 stars I just tried this out at a wedding over the weekend - it was exactly what I was looking for!
5 stars Convenience is what it's all about and this stand is perfect for grabbing on the go!


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