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Cheetah Stand 36" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox

Cheetah Stand 36" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox

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The Cheetah Stand Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox is one of the most thoughtfully designed light modifiers. Multiple configurations means this softbox can produce anything from a hard, direct light source that accentuates your subject, to a beautifully softened source of light that envelopes your subject. These superbly efficient light modifiers utilize the impressive Easy-Open system for quick setup, convenient break down, and compact storage. Use with the beauty dish alone to create a hard source with a softer center. Use of combinations of the outer and inner diffusion material to go even farther to produce different levels of contrast, sharpness, and dimension. Add the optional Chopstick Focusing System MKII to convert to a direct, focus-able light source.

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Unlike some other brands that use steel rods, Cheetah Stand Quick ParaBowl uses high quality light weight fiberglass rods.  This will allow our ParaBowl work on windy condition:

Click here to see the Cheetah Stand 36" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox in the wind.

You can also order extra speedring inserts
for various different brands of lights.

How to Use

The Easy Open Parabolic Bowl can be setup in a variety of configurations to produce exactly the light effect that you need.

Beauty Dish Use the Cheetah Stand Exclusive Beauty Dish Attachment included with this package to produce a wrapped contrasty look which adds a more dramatic effect.
Parabolic Softbox Use without diffusers or grid. The 18 sided shape produces high contrast with a beautiful, round catch light.
Softbox Use the inner diffuser only (with/without Beauty Dish) to produce soft light with a crisp edge.
Softbox Use the outer diffuser only (with/without Beauty Dish) to produce soft light with more distinct contrast.
Softbox Use both inner and outer diffuser (with/without Beauty Dish) to produce very soft light.
Eggcrate Use the included professional quality Eggcrate Grid (40 degree) to shape light, control spread and produce a natural vignette.
Parabolic Reflector
Add the optional Cheetah Stand Chopstick MKII focus rod to use as a parabolic reflector to control the focus of the light.

Cheetah Stand Quick Open Softbox Features

- The elegantly curved interior creates a soft silver reflector for a rear-mounted flash
- The structure is sturdy, providing a consistent shape for even light output
- 36" diameter opening measured from tip to tip
- Rubberized covers on release levers are easy on the hands
- Easy-Open, easy-close mechanism means the beauty dish takes minimal storage space and transports easily
- Beauty Dish Plate included
- Compatible with Cheetah Stand ChopStick MKII Reflective Focusing System
- Portal for inserting electrical cord when using Reflective Focusing System

Mounting System

Multiple speed ring options are available. This softbox uses a speed ring insert with a 144mm flange. Make sure you choose the correct speed ring for your light.

Speed Ring Options:

Bowen: Fits lights and accessories fitted with a Bowen S-Mount. Godox AD-B2 (Not the same as a Low Profile Bowens - see below)
Einstein, AB, Balcar: Fit lights and accessories with a Balcar mount, which includes all lights produced by Paul C. Buff, Inc.
Elinchrom: Fit lights and accessories with an Elinchrom-style mount.
Profoto Clamp Type: Fits lights and accessories with a Profoto-style mount. This insert has a rubber clamp to mount the softbox to the light.

You also can order extra speedring inserts for other lights you have.


- Cheetah Stand 36" Easy Open Deep Parabolic Softbox
- Your Choice of Speedring
- Inner Diffuser
- Outer Diffuser
- Eggcrate Grid
- Beauty Dish
- Zippered Carry Case


36" QPB Depth:

When opened from front diffuser to where you mount your light or Chopstick is 25"

When closed is 29"

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