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Cheetah QBox24 Professional with Speed Pro S2 Bracket

Cheetah QBox24 Professional with Speed Pro S2 Bracket

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Cheetah QBox 24 inch foldable soft box. Big brother to the Cheetah QBox16 Pro it too includes removable second diffusion layer, front diffusion layer, grid, and round mask for perfect catch lights. The second layer of diffusion will reduce the hot spot and help create an even light across the whole box. Use the grid to cut down on spill and keep light exactly where you want it. The round mask is used to create round catch lights.
Light stand is not included.

QBox Adapter Ring (sold separately) available for the following studio lights:

  • Elinchrom
  • Profoto
  • Photogenics
  • Cheetah Speed Pro, Bowen
  • AlienBees, Einstein, White Lightning, Balcar

What's Included:

  • Cheetah QBox24 Foldable Softbox
  • Cheetah Speed Pro S2 Bracket
  • Removable front diffuser
  • Removable second diffuser (inner buffer)
  • Removable round mask
  • Removable grid
  • Rectangle carrying bag
  • Triangle carrying bag and Round pouch

    Cheetah QBox24 Informational Video
Why Qbox design to have wide velcro?
Use QBox special wide velcro design to modify your light:
1.One light portraits to soften the shadow under the chin.
2. Use as a gobo to control the light spill to background causing uneven background

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