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Entry Photography Lighting Kit, Godox V1 Wireless Strobe Creator Kit

Entry Photography Lighting Kit, Godox V1 Wireless Strobe Creator Kit

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The Entry Photographer's Lighting kit. The Godox V1 is our most compact flash that can work off camera as well.  Don't let "entry" fool you, this setup can pack quite the punch in many situations and is ideal for the photographer that is on the move!  Cheetah 43" Soft Silver UmbrellaCheetah Stand C8 and S2 Bracket is a beginner lighting setup dream.  Just simply install the S2 on top of our C8 light stand and insert the V1 into the S2 and you now have an umbrella holder and this also allows you to future compatibility to the Bowens mount system for the rest of our setup when you're ready!  Do you need a triggering system for off camera flash? Get another V1 or get a trigger here to control everything.

Key features of the Godox V1:

  1. 76Ws Output Power: The V1 delivers a maximum flash power of 76 watt-seconds, making it one of the most powerful on camera flashes around.

  2. High-Speed Sync (HSS): The HSS feature enables you to achieve high shutter speeds beyond the camera's sync limit, making it possible to balance ambient light with flash for creative effects, even in bright environments.

  3. Built-in 2.4GHz Wireless X System: The integrated wireless X system enables you to control and trigger the AD600 wirelessly using a Godox X1T transmitter or compatible device. This system allows for convenient remote power adjustment and flash triggering.

  4. Stable Color Temperature: The AD600Pro maintains a stable color temperature of approximately 5600K (+/- 200K) throughout its power range, ensuring consistent and accurate color reproduction in your images.

  5. TTL and Manual Modes: The Godox V1 supports both TTL (Through-The-Lens) and manual modes, giving you the flexibility to choose between automated exposure control and precise manual adjustments.

  6. Round Head Modifiers: The round flash head is compatible with a variety of magnetic modifiers that attach securely to the front of the flash, enabling you to shape and control the light's quality to suit your creative vision.

  7. Sony, Nikon & Canon compatible.  Make sure to select the correct brand for your flash.  

  8. Lithium-Ion Battery: The included rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers a convenient power source that can provide approximately 320 full-power flashes on a single charge. This eliminates the need for AC power sources, making the AD300Pro highly portable and suitable for on-location shoots.

1 - Cheetah Stand C8
1 - Cheetah Stand 43" Soft Silver Umbrella
1 - Godox V1
1-  S2 Bracket
1- Charger
1 - Power Cord
1 - Battery

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