Godox AD200 & AD200PRO Repair Guide

Godox AD200 & AD200PRO Repair Guide

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This Godox AD200 & AD200PRO Repair Guide will help you diagnose issues you might have with your strobe.  This repair guide will be applicable to any Adorama's Flashpoint eVOLV200 TTL and eVOLV200 Pro TTL as they are rebranded Godox strobes.  So if you've dropped your strobes on a portrait session, dunked it in water or have misfiring issues at weddings, this Godox AD200 & AD200 Pro Guide is for you! 

To make this guide simple, when the article mentions AD200, this will apply to all 4 versions - AD200, AD200Pro and Adorama's Flashpoint eVOLV200 and eVOLV200 Pro.  

And if you have AD200 Misfires, scroll to the bottom for an indepth step-by-step! 

Screen Replacement Repair

Godox AD200 & AD200PRO Repair Guide

Cracked Screen: A cracked screen is an easy diagnosis - if you've dropped your AD200 and you can no longer read the display on your AD200, this is the repair for you. 

Missing Buttons: If you're missing the buttons or dials on the back of the screen, this will also be a screen replacement.

Broken On/Off Screen: Broken or Missing On/Off Switch will be a Screen Replacement.  You can see the On/Off switch to the left of the screen above.

Cheetah Stand Godox AD200 Screen Replacement

Main AD200 Board Replacement Repair

Godox AD200 & AD200PRO Repair Guide

Water Damage: If you've dropped your AD200 into the water, this will require a main board but possibly the screen as well.  Please order this and if more is needed we will let you know when we receive the AD200.

E1 Or E3 Errors: E1 or E3 Errors will require a Main Board Replacement.

Burning Smell: A burning smell unfortunately means a transistor or cap has failed on the main board and this will require a main board replacement. 

Cheetah Stand AD200 Main Board Replacement

AD200 Body Replacement Repair 

Body Damage: If your AD200 has ground impact damage and you'd like to replace the body this repair will be for you.

Body Mis-Alignment: A body mis alignment will require a new AD200 body replacement

Brass Mount:  If the 3/8" light stand mount has stripped off, this will require a body replacement. 

Damaged Metal Plate:  If the front metal plate is damaged, then the body replacement will resolve this issue.

Cheetah Stand AD200 Body Damage

AD200 Misfires Step-By-Step Diagnosis

If you have an AD200 misfire from time to time, this part of the Godox AD200 & AD200PRO Repair Guide will help you trouble shoot your issues. 

First and foremost to any AD200 misfire issues will be to understand recycle times for your AD200.  If you're photographing outside in bright sun light and using High Speed Sync or photographing at 1/1 power, you will need to give the AD200 time to recharge.  This can be very stressing for the AD200 and will require at least 2.1 second in between shots if not further due to heat. 

Second, make sure your AD200 batteries are charged and ready for the photoshoot.  Any low battery issues will surface with misfires. 

For the transmitters, please use fresh alkaline batteries and not rechargeables.  We've found that worn alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries do not produce the maximum range that Godox Transmitters are capable of. 

While we're on the topic of transmitters, best practices for both your AD200 and transmitters would be to move your transmitter and receiver channel to a higher channel.  We personally like to use the lesser used channels between 17 and higher.  The lower channels are more likely to encounter interferences as more devices around you are left in their default channels between 1-5.  

The final thing you can do is to update the firmware on both your transmitter and strobes and make sure they are at their latest firmwares.  Please consult Godox's website for firmware updates

If all of this does not resolve your issues and we've done due diligence on resolving your misfire issues from the beginning of this guide then your last course of action is to send your AD200 to Cheetah Stand for a main board replacement.  The transformer is now likely damaged from heat damage.  However due to the many possible issues that could be the cause of a misfire, we do not guarantee that this will completely restore your misfire issues.  However, with all of the steps completed from above as well a new board - we've found that this will resolve misfire issues! 

Cheetah Stand AD200 Main Board Replacement

With that, we hope this Godox AD200 AD200PRO Repair Guide will help answer some of the questions you might have about repairing your Godox AD200 back to new condition again! 

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