EXCLUSIVE!  Cheetah Stand Colt 45 Reflector Hard Case Protector!

EXCLUSIVE! Cheetah Stand Colt 45 Reflector Hard Case Protector!

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Our Cheetah Stand Colt 45 Reflector has proven to be a popular light modifier for photographers and videographers that demand strong output from their strobes and constant light sources.  Useful in either providing a very creative, 45' angle of lighting and effective outside to put light on the subject at a distance, it's extremely versatile reflector because you can put a diffuser on the Colt 45 to soften the light or put a 30' degree grid on the reflector to control the output. 

However, nothing is perfect!  One issue we discovered over time is that there was no solution to protect our reflectors - whether that be the 7" reflectors, the Snub 38 or the Colt 45 Reflector.  We are fast moving creators and understand that protection is key to keeping your Cheetah Stand Reflectors in the best shape possible so that they're ready for action.  Enter our new & exclusive Cheetah Stand Colt 45 Reflector Hard Case Protector!  These hard case reflectors will also work if you have a simliar reflector from other brands such as Godox, Glow and more.  

Even better yet, our Colt 45 Reflector Hard Case is designed to hold multiple reflectors at once to keep all of your inventory safe from damage and dings. We include a felt lining so that they won't bang around inside. All of our cases come with a pocket in the front lid as well to hold smaller items too!

We've specifically designed the case to hold Two Colt 45 Reflectors and Two 7" Reflectors.  Bonus, we are currently selling that as a combo deal right now as well!

Hopefully we will be able to save your future Colt 45s from these unfortunate accidents as you move quickly from location to location, allowing you to produce the best quality of light from these famous Colt 45s for your clients and subjects!  

And always, if you have any question - please email us at info@cheethstand.com!  

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