Cheetah Stand at ClickCon in Chicago!

Cheetah Stand at ClickCon in Chicago!

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Cheetah Stand at ClickCon in Chicago! Cheetah Stand, a leading name in photography and filmmaking accessories, took the recent ClickCon event in Chicago by storm, leaving photographers and filmmakers buzzing with excitement. The company's revolutionary automatic light stand stole the limelight, and its latest additions, the mini light stand and the 36" umbrella, garnered equal attention.

When it comes to innovative photography and filmmaking equipment, Cheetah Stand is a name that stands out. The recent ClickCon event in Chicago served as the perfect stage for Cheetah Stand to unveil their latest creations, leaving photographers and filmmakers in awe. Some of the photographers at the show including Sean Lara, Amber Henry, Henry Bat, Kiati Plooks, Sean Black, Sondra L and of course Scott Robert Lim had such rave reviews about our gear.  Okay so some might already be Cheetah Stand ambassadors, but still ;) 

Let's dive into the highlights of this exciting event!

Automatic Light Stand: Redefining Convenience and Efficiency

Cheetah Stand's star of the show was undoubtedly our automatic light stand that come in 8ft, 10ft and 12ft configuration. This groundbreaking piece of equipment stole the spotlight at ClickCon Chicago, captivating the attention of professionals and enthusiasts. We also got a lot of comparisons to our competitiors products and The show room floor sung praises over our light stands.  We love hearing real feedback from real users! 

We also Introduced the Next Generation 36" Umbrella and Mini-Light Stand

The 36" umbrella, another addition to Cheetah Stand's arsenal, presents an impressive tool for controlling and diffusing light. Yes we know that umbrellas have long been a thing in the off-camera lighting world but we've gone ahead and made some additional changes to this product.  For one, we've added fiberglass rods to prevent them from breaking when they they fall from the wind or get crushed in the car.  Much different from the old metal rods!  

On top of that, our umbrellas have blackout curtains in the back to prevent odd spillage and shadows casted on the walls to give it a little more control.  This type of light control is very similiar to that of a softbox.  Scott Robert Lim loved this product and he became an instant fan.  On top of that, the front of the black out is actually white and reflective so that any remaining light will be amplified a bit to increase the power of your strobe, another reason why Scott loved our Cheetahstand 36" umbrella.  He had to actually reduce his strobes output!   This is why at Cheetah Stand, we consider this the perfect "entry" level modifer as well.  You can go very far with this simple modifier and this umbrella empowers creators to achieve the desired lighting effects, whether for portraits, fashion shoots, or cinematic projects with speeds completely unseen before.

Another ClickCon favorite was the the Cheetah Mini Light Stand.  If you haven't seen this one before, read more about it on our blog post.  Rising to a height of nearly 8'ft, the compact and portable light stand that fits in a carry-on, is perfect for photographers and filmmakers on the move. Its adaptability and stability make it an ideal choice for various shooting environments, enabling professionals to achieve exceptional results without compromise.  Once tradeshow users saw how durable the stand was, we sold these out in less than a day!  In fact, many of the photographers instantly threw away their travel stands at our booth to purchase ours.  If that does not reaffirm our decision to 

Elevating Expectations and Inspiring Creativity

ClickCon Chicago provided a platform for Cheetah Stand to showcase our dedication to customer service and innovation in the photograph and film-making space, backed by real users of our gear since we are photographers ourselves.  This helps us understand the issues and problems for our customers. The enthusiastic response from attendees underscores the demand for advanced, user-centric equipment that enhances the creative process by smoothing out the workflow.  As the photography and filmmaking landscape evolves, Cheetah Stand will work hard to continue to be at the forefront of industry trends.  But until then, we'll see you at the next convention! 

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