BTS With Cheetah Stand Amber Henry

BTS With Cheetah Stand Amber Henry

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Today we'd like to present a Behind the Scenes or BTS With Cheetah Stand Amber Henry!  She is an accomplished and award winning wedding and senior portraits photographer.  Amber is awesome to hang around with and is a positive force of energy.  She helps mentor other female photographers in her Facebook group "Females Who Flash" so that she can elevate the female photographers around her! 

In today's BTS, we're going to show 2 photos that Amber photographed at a recent wedding photoshoot.

Snow Fall Couple - 
"This image was created in January for a winter bride who had been praying for snow...and those prayers were answered! This was created at the very end of the night, shooting into the dark road for her background. I set up one Geekoto GT200 with a blue gel behind the couple and a few feet away so it would light the falling snow, then had my assistant hold a second GT200 above them with the MagSphere. A very helpful groomsmen tossed the veil high for me and the image was set! I decided to crop out the ground in the final portrait because it was too distracting, and I think the negative space of the falling snow with the couple in the bottom of the frame is so much more interesting and magical."

After Post-Processing:

Settings - Canon EOS R6, 70-200mm @ f/5, 1/200, iso1250
Gear - Cheetah Stand C12, Geekoto GT200s, Magmod Gel and Sphere
Card Throwing Groom:
"This image was created during a groom's getting ready time on the wedding day. This table was sitting in the 'man cave' where the guys were getting dressed, and they told me they played cards all the time together. I set up a backlight behind the groom with a blue gel, and turned it towards his back. I used two lights with grids on either side in the front, to direct an X-shaped pattern of light towards him while split-lighting the men on either side. My assistant sprayed atmosphere aerosol behind the groom to help grab and spread the blue light. I was able to get this shot in tone take simply by pre-planing my lighting and directing each man on where to look and what to do. Honestly, the guys picking out what hand they wanted to hold took longer then actually creating this image!"

Canon R6, 24-105mm@f/4, 1/400, iso125
And those are just 2 quick Behind the Scenes, BTS with Cheetah Stand Amber Henry to show how quickly an epic photo can come together on location armed with creativity, a quick auto-deploying Cheetah Stand, some strobes and gels!  And of course all of the gear in the world won't matter if you don't have the education behind join her Instagram and check out her website for latest classes coming up.  

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